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  1. Hi all... i am learning something new in crocheting. I need help on how to read a short instruction from a diagram. below the pattern there's a phrase that says 12-st repeat and on the left side of it that says 4-row repeat. Can someone tell me what these phrases mean? Thanks a lot!
  2. in case you ran out of things to do today..... just in case... Cool Crochet Shares
  3. Hi Bailey4, i have already published your comment...thank you so much..... the post is a risk on my part, but i took it otherwise i wont learn...to be honest, i read it for like 6 times b4 hitting the publish button, LOL.... its true about what u said... i too expect a lot from the pattern i'm following... i have experienced a confusion one time when the author forgot to add a few last intruction for a stitch at the end of the row... but as you said, it's free so i can't complain Thanks also for what you have said, I am learning to write a pattern so I can sell my future crochet crafts... I'm a little perfectionist my self... so if ever i will wrote one, i will always bear in mind to put my self on the shoe of the person who will read my pattern.... I appreciate people like you... Keep on inspiring
  4. im sure everyone here already knows a lot of stitches but this is for those who are like me starting on this crochet journey..... The CrTr Stitch
  5. clearing up some things

  6. the motifs made my day :D

  7. another non-crochet tutorial but hopefully it might be of interest to someone... Setting Up Sharing Widgets Using Markerly::Blogger
  8. the motif for this CAL is flower only right?
  9. il try to finish my scarf soon so i can join u..i only got a few thread yarns left which i think i can use...
  10. Barb! i will post more soon so watch out! keep inspiring!
  11. Hi LI Roe! so much for that inspiring words.... I'm still learning and trying my best as much as I can.... If I can't follow a pattern I just make up for it.... its a challenge but not tiresome.... :manyheart crochet!
  12. How to Create an App on FB Page That Will Connect To Your Blog
  13. wishing all a blessed and prosperous new year!!! welcome 2014!!!
  14. that is the site where i also encountered the waffleghan...so i was thinking that it might also because of the kind of stitches used for this kind of afghan...
  15. posting a question.. what's the differences between these three? afghan / lapghan / waffleghan to be honest i have never heard these words before until i started learning crochet.... sorry i know i'm very noob...i already have an idea about afghans...except for the other two..... but i wanted to educate my self more on these things so will anyone who is kind and nice please help me? thanks a bunch!
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