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  1. Hi Villager, I am assuming you are having an issue with the cap part. If I remember correctly it is in 2 parts...one inside and one outside. After making them put the smaller one right side out inside the right side out larger part then whipstitch them together. Then add the leaves starting largest at the bottom to smallest on top. I was a fun piece to make and I loved the way it came out!
  2. It was printed in 3 parts in April, June and August 2013 in Crochet world Magazine
  3. Thank you for such a warm welcome!!!! Oh and I found the 3rd part of the pattern "into the jungle" so I am working away at it....hope all your projects are going well for you too"!
  4. Hi there, I am a new member from Ontario Canada and use crochet as therapy!!! Thats my story and I am sticking to it! OK OK I am completely addicted! I have been crocheting for at least 30 years and love the things I have been able to make....I also love driving my mother in law nuts when I rip out a piece that I am not happy with....lol it drives her INSANE!!! I am currently working through part 2 of Into the Jungle for my new grandbaby and I realized my copy of Crochet World for part 3 has gone MIA!!!! I am hoping to get a copy if someone has one I would greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to meeting more crochetaholics!
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