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    Writing & Designer.
    Owner of Moss Mountain.
    Writer, reader, wild-eyed dreamer.
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    Writing, reading, poetry, crochet, sewing, cats, travel
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    Writer & Craft Desginer
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    Animals, Christmas ornaments
  1. Megan Cullen

    little animals for kids school bazaar

    These links aren't working anymore. Does anyone know if there is a way to access them? I used to make those simple elephants and i really liked them!
  2. Megan Cullen

    Free tiny carrot pattern

    I have a free pattern on my blog today for tiny carrots. They go with my bunny pattern which I posted in the 'patterns for sale' forum. Free Carrot Pattern Here: http://mossmountain.blogspot.com/2016/03/free-carrot-crochet-pattern.html
  3. Megan Cullen

    The Bunnies Are Multiplying! :)

    Here are some more I did in different colors.
  4. Megan Cullen

    The Bunnies Are Multiplying! :)

    Thank you everyone! They are one of my favorite patterns. I made a bunch for orders, and lately have been making them in different colors with patches/spots.
  5. Megan Cullen

    Crochet today! giveaway--CLOSED-Pink Glitter winner

    I am interested in this one.
  6. Megan Cullen

    The Bunnies Are Multiplying! :)

    Here are some of my bunnies from my pattern. I had to make some for an order, so I thought I would do a new photo shoot. The photos I had in my shop were pretty old and kinda grainy. I'm really happy with how these ones turned out. I hope you enjoy them.
  7. Megan Cullen

    Boris the Bunny

    Oh, he is too cute. I love his fat feet and his bright nose. Very nice!
  8. Megan Cullen

    I'm Back - 2+ years later :)

    Thank you all! I wonder if we have any threads for posting to find people in your area? I tried to find people via Ravelry but all the groups near me were pretty much dead in the water. La sigh.
  9. Megan Cullen

    I have discovered bead crochet!!!!

    I love the hats,USpolishgirl! The beads add a really nice touch to the white. I would totally wear it.
  10. Megan Cullen

    I have discovered bead crochet!!!!

    This is something I definitely want to try, but have not done yet. Anyone have suggestions on a good first time tutorial or pattern for bead crochet?
  11. Megan Cullen

    Enterlac message boards?

    Is enterlac the same as Tunisian? I've never heard of it.
  12. Megan Cullen

    etsy shop closing...75% off patterns

    I'm sorry that you are closing down, by the way. It looks like you did very well on there.
  13. Megan Cullen

    etsy shop closing...75% off patterns

    wow, thank you! for some reason that link took me to a 'leaving facebook' link that then leads to Etsy shop if you allow it. It did work, tho.
  14. Megan Cullen

    Cute Sleepy Bedbug Pattern :)

    Hi all! Yesterday I decided to offer one of my patterns for free. It is for a cute sleepy bedbug. He is worked all in one piece, except for his nightcap. He's pretty easy, and only 3-5 inches long depending on what yarn/hook you use. Works up quick, so he's a great last minute gift. http://mossmountain.blogspot.com/2016/02/a-bug-for-bug.html