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    I am a beginner at crochet, but I really love it! I love animals, especially owls, cats, and chickens, and I also love drawing, reading, and any type of craft! I can knit and crochet.
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    Drawing, watercolor painting, reading and writing, knitting, most crafts, and CROCHET!!!!
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    I don't have a job!!!!
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    Hats, arm warmers, leg warmers, boot cuffs, scarves, bags, & wrist warmers
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  1. Thank you guys so much!! That really helps me!
  2. I am wanting to make a bag and I found this pattern:http://www.simplicity.com/t-free-crochet-project-casual-shoulder-bag.aspx But the only problem is it is bigger than I would like. So I was wondering if it would be possible to make the bag about the size of a normal piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11")? I am new to crochet so I don't know how to do this (if it is even possible!). Thanks for all answers!!!!
  3. That is ADORABLE! You are very talented!!
  4. Hi! I just joined yesterday, and I have already gotten advice on a project! I can tell this is going to be VERY useful! I learned to crochet last year(my grandma taught me the basics) and after that I have been teaching myself. I just finished a hat today and I love crochet even more now!!!!
  5. Hi I just joined today! But I have a question: I am crocheting a hat currently, and I finished one part of the pattern and bound off. Then, on another part of the hat edge, I am supposed to start crocheting again onto the sts, but I have no idea how. This pattern is really easy yet pretty in the end: http://blog.bitteroclock.com/free-crochet-pattern-axis-of-purpleage-earflap-hat/ The part I don't understand is after you bind off the first ear flap, how do you start crocheting onto the other side for the second ear flap? All I know how to do is to is begin crocheting something, so please help!!
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