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  1. I don't know about Canadian sizing...but I do know that British sizing on beds is 2" shorter and 2" narrower than American. Don't know if they run on the same sizing or not. I clean houses and one of our clients has a British bed...sheets never ever fit right...lol!
  2. Kathy...I'm not sure how quick I can get a lapghan done, but I will start on one. I know you and Tim have been through a lot this year. As soon as I get one finished, I'll send it your way. :-) -Mira
  3. the cottage project is now page 11 in the store. And there are even more items up that Alice made...drums, pouches, etc. All are exquisite! She sure is one talented lady! And they would make awesome holiday presents! I think the best part is that not only are you purchasing a fantastic gift for a loved one, you are also presenting Alice with a gift...the gift independence and being able to help sustain herself.
  4. yeah, that threw me for a loop! I went looking for some of the Mainstays as that is what I usually use...and nada! So...I guess I will be using RH now...lol! Unless I go to JoAnn's and get the Caron Wintuk...which I hate because the skeins are soooo small! Alice is a peach...I like her. And it goes to show the bond that is formed through sponsorship. I have a package going out to her this week with school supplies and some beads for her so she can make more earrings. I was told she only gets the seed beads when someone makes a trip to the city...which didn't happen this year. Now people, if you haven't already, do check out the webstore and Alice's earrings under the cottage project...they are GORGEOUS!!! http://www.craftingforacause.org
  5. I have several elders who have come available...men, women and couples. A couple are raising children, 2 are father and daughter, one is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. While we are all still in the midst of summer...and man do I know it has been HOT someplaces...winter will soon be here...and all too soon for Pine Ridge. These people are going to need all kinds of warm weather gear to warm their bodies, but also a sponsor to help warm their hearts.
  6. Too cute...I want to see pics when it's done!!! I was looking at the weather forecast for Pine Ridge today. It's in the upper 90's and they are in an extreme grassland fire danger right now! The last thing these people need is to lose their homes so they will be in my prayers that no fires start.
  7. Not sure how many I'll have, but I'll definetly have some to send...I got 4 done so far. This is perfect because my mom just got me a HUGE skein of this pink and red yarn that she fell in love with and just KNEW I'd love it too. Well, turns out her taste and mine are very different. It is unbelieveably bright and I didn't know what i was going to do with it. For that matter, I have quite a few skeins like that...lol! It's great to be able to use them up and for a great cause to boot.
  8. Actually Simone, if we are real lucky, we will have a waiting list of sponsors wanting elders! I'm down to just 8 elders needing a sponsor! I have a few more names to call...then I can start a SPONSOR waiting list!
  9. I'm ordering 3 book bags today. When we went to do my son's school supply shopping we just bought 4 of everything we got...1 for him and 3 for Pine Ridge. Lots of stuff was 2/$1 so it rounded it out very nicely! We picked up folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, glue, rulers and those stretchy book covers. I remember covering my books in paper bags! Back then it was either that or those paper book covers...these are soooo much nicer! And reuseable! And to boot were only like 68 cents! Also in my travels I found 1lb bags of mill end yarn at Big Lots. It was 100% acrylic and feels like it's Simply Soft. So I picked some up in rose, blue and white and are destined to become baby items for Pine Ridge. :-)
  10. Dewbaby, I'm the project leader for PR Elders. Please know that each items you CAN make and send is worth more than you can ever imagine. I don't care if it's a hat, a washcloth, or a package of pencils! The love that it brings and the encouragement that the sun really IS shining is worth a hundred times more. Not one of us can change everything there...or anywhere for that matter. But when each of us does what we can, when we can and it is done in love,compassion and understanding, we make a difference. Though each of us make only a small impact, on the whole, it creates a landslide.
  11. I should probably mention that there are now just 11 elders waiting for sponsors...1 being a couple. :-) Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a list of sponsors waiting for elders rather than a list of elders waiting for sponsors??
  12. I did some looking and found these: http://www.chemoangels.com http://www.teenslivingwithcancer.org http://www.planetcancer.com The first one, Chemo Angels...while Josh is in active treatment, he can receive a Chemo Angel and a Card Angel. The other two are online communities for cancer patients. The teen one does have some 18 year olds. That way he could connect with others going through this, too. Hope they help!
  13. Liz, we'd love to have you join us and get you signed up with an elder! I have 16 waiting now and several more I need to call to get their addresses! It doesn't cost much and takes a minimal amount of time. Just a small package once a month. Some months I make discloths, a couple cute magnets, a candle or some lotion...never costs me more than maybe $5 and shipping. I lost my grandparents back when I was a teenager. This helps me reconnect with them in that I am bringing the smile to the face of another elder.
  14. There are LOTS of elders waiting for sponsors as well! Another elder just sent me a list of over 30 names!! Some of the elders waiting for a sponsor (and the year they were born) are Max (1927), Ramona (1923), Florine (1930), Carl (1933), Virginia (1933), and Bertha (1942). And there are a lot more! We have grandmas, grandpas, couples, some raising kids, some disabled, crafters, etc. I've seen so many lonely elderly people in the world...and so many facing hardships those of us half their age would hate to deal with. This is such a wonderful opportunity to bring a smile to their faces, to brighten their day and to relieve a bit of the load they carry.
  15. The elder project was updated a bit and we will be doing 2 sponsors for each elder. The need is so great! And I still ahve a few elders needing a first sponsor! If you're interested, PM me for details...I don't check in here as often as I used to.
  16. After an utterly horrible day, I had a huge ray of sunshine in the mail! Thank you so much knitwitch!! She sent me 5 skeins of yumminess! I don't have them right in front of me right now but there were 2 skeins of a beautiful blue, a sagey color and 2 of undyed. I am so excited! I'm going to pick something to make tomorrow. Thanks again! I love all of it!
  17. I do work with Soldiers' Angels and they're great. You can sponsor one or more soldiers and they have a group that works primarily making baby items and another that makes things for wounded soldiers.
  18. I would thinnk that would be fine...and a very touching tribute.
  19. LOL! I forgot about that! Yes, if someone says they like something you have, you are obligated to give it to them...unless it was a gift. I had made a stunning dance shawl and one of the other dancers, forgetting, said how much they liked the shawl. Well, to this day she is wearing it and not me...lol! Had I been gifted it by someone, I would not have been obligated to give it to her.
  20. pb&j....yours should be there no later than Tuesday! They shipped today...and they're coming USPS...less anticipation time and more crochet time...lol!
  21. I've heard numerous times the casino sentiment. And people wondering why these people aren't getting help like all the other tribes. Here is the cold, hard reality of where all this money is and the amounts. For starters, a good many Lakota people recieve lease royalties from the BIA for land holdings. The normal payout for this averages only $50 a month. That's only $600 a year. The casino does turn a profit. But, it is 100+ miles from Rapid City in the middle of a prairie. Now I don't know about any of you, but I certainly wouldn't travel that far to chance winning money. Many tribes have access to minerals, oil, gas etc to make a profit from. Not so for the Lakota people. There is none of that in the prairie. And no industry on the Reservation. Average income for a typical family that recieves welfare or veteran's benefits is approximately $7200 a year. Why don't they leave? Many do. And then they come back because their entire family is still there. They are of the belief that you care for your loved ones. And so you will find overcrowded homes. Families take in homeless family members. It's not uncommon to have over a dozen people living in a 2 or 3 bedroom trailer. It is a difficult task to set up a business on Pine Ridge. It can take, and often does, 2 years to get approval. Then high expenses to get basic utilities needed. Most communities have little to no infrastructure. On top of that, it is a high risk loan area. So as you can see, where other tribes can help themselves, it has become a harder task for the Oglala and Lakota people. Another note on the casinos. All profit has to be split between all tribal members! In 1998, there were 40,000+ living on Pine Ridge. Imagine winning the lottery and having to split it with over 40,000 other winners. And a small jackpot at that. Gives one a little better insight to the casino junk.
  22. We don't right now, but we have tossed the idea around before. So I'm sure in the not so distant future, there may be something along those lines. And yes...drawing and music certainly are crafts! Ones I'm not too good at, I might add! lol! How wonderful that they want to get involved as well! And you know, some of the elders are raising grandchildren. How exciting it would be for the grandkids to get things in the mail as well!
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