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  1. Good Morning, I'm currently working on an a 63 square afghan & I'm afraid that I'm going to be running out of some of the colors that I'm going to need. Would someone be willing to help me out? I'm currently using the following Redheart Supersaver in the following colors: 1. Lt. Blue (Need 2 more skiens) 2. Lt. Periwinkle (need 2 more skeins) 3. Varigated Monet (Need at least 2 more). If you could help me that would be awesome!
  2. I do believe that I'm working w/ REDHEART supersaver yarn that has acrylic in because it is what the patterns calls for.
  3. Those are some BEAUTIFUL shawls there. How long did it take you to make one?
  4. Believe it or not, I have been listening to Audio books & as of 2 nights ago, I like to read a book that I checked out at the Public Library in bed every night so far!
  5. Melissa Kroll


    Hi! I'm working on an afghan that states that each of the squares needs to be 10x10. They also stated that some BLOCKING maybe needed. I have never blocked anything dealing w/ crochet before. How would I go about doing this? Also, should I measure each square & the ones that aren't the needed measurements just block those or how am I suppose to know which one are the right size & which ones aren't?
  6. The other 3 numbers represent the other sizes associated to the project/garment that you are crocheting.
  7. Good Morning, I pretty sure that has to be quite a few people that are in the same situation as I am! I have about 6+ wips that I would really like to get done so that I have a clean "slate" for the start of the new year! If you want the same thing, please join me! I hope that we will be able to get as many of these WIP's out of the way as quick as possible. HERE IS MY LIST THUS FAR: Ripple afghan for Dh Wedding ring quilt Peppermint Throw Sampler throw Cluster Stitch Cardigan (Put on hold until I can get more yarn to keep going!)
  8. For me, setting a deadline to finish something puts pressure on me & I feel that it takes the enjoyment out of making the item. But IDK, it just might be me! I have to also keep reminding myself that it is not a race & that it's a hobby.
  9. I really enjoy crocheting afghans mostly! I would rather not crochet a project that has anything smaller "I" hook because I have RA in my hands. Don't get me wrong, I will crochet w/ smaller hooks but just be prepared that I will need more frequent breaks so that I can get the item done. Also, I have been known to make some shawls, Amigurumi (can't do this very much because of how small of a hook I need) etc.
  10. Are you working from a pattern? Or are you free-handing the project? I.e. making a scraph afghan of sorts for example!
  11. I'm actually 33 & I enjoy crocheting for the most part. But there are times that I can't get into so I just take a break! I'm hoping to be able to push through this boredom & keep on crocheting.
  12. Don't worry about those weird looks at your school. Think of it as if they are admiring & thinking how nice it would be to learn what you are working on!
  13. Melissa Kroll


    Good Morning, How does everyone fight against getting bored when they are working on their crochet? I am trying to work on a sampler afghan & just can't get into it to save my life. Please help me!
  14. What are you looking for?
  15. I would need the super saver type ones. It's a solid light tan the color is called BUFF! I would think maybe 2 more skeins to finish this Cardigan off! I hope that this information helps!
  16. I personally just pulled out a sampler aghan that I had started earlier this year!
  17. Thank you so much lady! I have also just found out that I also need to make a total of 8+ baby afghans. 2 of the baby afghans, they baby has already arrived & then the other 6 I can wait a little bit! Either, I know that I got alot of work ahead of me. Please pray for my hook to be on fire while I try to CRANK out all this type of projects!
  18. I'm on what my DH & I tell be the DEEP SOUTHSIDE for this wonderful city!
  19. Oh, wow I know where that is! I have family that live in that area actually
  20. I live in SAN ANTONIO, as well. What part of this city are you in?
  21. Good Afternoon, Welcome to this AWESOME forum from a fellow TEXAN. Where about in TEXAS do you live?
  22. Good Evening, I just did a count up of the afghans that I have already started & there around 5 total! I'm hoping to get a good portion of them finished & ready to be shown off, given away or sold etc. But we will see when they are done!
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