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    I'm a mama to one amazing daughter and wife. We live in a cabin in the woods with a small pack of dogs, and hope to add some goats in the spring. My dream is to create my entire wardrobe by hand, but I'm off to a HORRIBLE start...to many other projects keep catching my eye!!
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    Reidsville, NC
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    crocheting, knitting, reading, music, Harry Potter, farm animals, gardening, and snowflakes
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    afghans, baby blankets, toys, dishcloths, ornaments of all kinds, baby accessories, ANYTHING!!
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    I learned to finger crochet in 1979; on and off since 1983 (I think) with a hook
  1. Hi Everyone!! Just a quick pop in...we're *still* on the road. We have literally been home 3 days (more like 2 1/2) since June 13th...and it looks like we won't be home until next Monday. The people who have picked up my mail said that I have puffies waiting for me, and I'm soooo excited!! I wish I could have been home to thank people as they have came in, so for now, thank you Squares for making me queen for June. Who got queen for July? I haven't read through the pages yet to find out, and I won't have time until I return home. Just know, I'll work double duty for the July queen, and for the people I contacted before my trip, I will be mailing those puffies out when I return. Life just got in the way and I ran out of time with trip prepping and such. Gotta scoot...I'll be back!!
  2. Hi everybody!! Sooo freaking excited!!! It's almost time to leave for the concert!!! Well, we leave in 2 1/2 hours, so maybe it's not that close. Good luck on with your new job, dragnlady!! cshort, I didn't get the squares yet. Maybe they are waiting for me in my mailbox!! I'll check when I get home. Thanks so much for thinking about me!!! To everybody else, be well and have an epic Thursday!! Talk to you guys tomorrow!!
  3. cshort and katy, I do hope you both feel better soon!! <3 owlvamp, I'm thinking about you and the boys. Hopefully, their mom will have a change of heart. <3 reiann, hopefully, the MRI will shed some light on what's going on with your mom. Keeping you both in my thoughts. <3 dragnlady, Congrats on your new job!!! YAY!!!! It sounds like it is a huge blessing for you! <3 Hi jessicali, bgs, and anyone else I'm forgetting!! <3 Not much new to talk about...was able to leave work at 4:30. YAY!! I got out early!! (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?!?) Tomorrow, I am not staying late, no matter what! I have a concert to go to!!!! My hubby, daughter, two of her friends, and I are driving down to Charlotte (it's about 2 hours away, I think) to see my current favorite band, The Head And The Heart. They're kind of folksy rock with a three part harmony. Oh, and one of the lead singers also plays the violin. Soooo fantastic. If you want to check them out, my favorite song of theirs is Winter Song. So excited to get my fangirl on!! LOL!!! My summer is already starting to get jammed. It starts on Saturday, with a week at the beach, then we're home for *three* days, then it's on to Michigan for 10 days (I think...it could be more) to visit family (UGH!!), from Michigan it's on to Kentucky to visit my husband's grandmother and other family of his for three days or so, and THEN we get to come home. Whew!! The upside? It's all car traveling, so plenty of crocheting time, and my step-grandma, Peggy, is a crocheter, so I'll get to pick out a Grandma Peggy afghan (I do every year) AND go on a yarn shopping trip with her! YAY!!! The down side? It's all car travel...the last time I traveled I ended up in the hospital with an abscess to be removed...remember Thanksgiving? Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll stay healthy on this trip. So, if I don't post a lot, that's where I'll be. After that, I'm just staying home and relaxing for the rest of the summer!! Alright, Squares...time for some tea, crocheting, and then bed. I want to be so well rested for tomorrow night!! <3
  4. Hello, All. Just a quick pop to to let you know I'm here. I feel like I'm being an awful queen!! Work has been frustrating. Every single time I get ahead, I'm told, "Wait...don't forget you have to do (fill in the blank)". And it's not like a small amount of work! I'm talking HOURS of stuff that needs to get done within a day or two!! BUT my last day of school is Friday (oh wait...just found out I'll have to come back at the end of July to do more paperwork on a senior who didn't graduate, but is going through summer school, so I'll have to hold a meeting and do the senior exit paperwork). On Saturday, my husband and I are working a side job giving the SAT. We get out around one, so we'll pick up the daughter, and then we're heading to the beach for a week!! YAY!!! I am *so* ready to spend some time by the ocean!! Back to work. I want to leave by 5 today...UGH!!
  5. Hi, ALL!! Thank you so much for my glorious crown!!! It's soooo beautiful!!! The plug finally arrived for my computer!!!! YAY!! Now I can catch up at home!!! Work sped up this week!! WHY?!? It's time for summer!!! Actually, my last day is on the 13th. Anyway, since I've been slammed with testing, I haven't been able to catch up completely, but now that testing is slow and my computer has a charger/cord, my life in the 'ville can continue!! Thank you all so much again!!! xoxoxox
  6. Good morning, beautiful Squares!! My home computer (laptop) still won't charge. We're trying a different plug...hopefully that works! Tuesday greeted me with a pile of paperwork that had to be completed by this upcoming Monday, so I've been chipping away at it. Yesterday at 5:30, I was done!! Yay!! Or so I thought...this morning, I was greeted with a, "Don't forget you have to create this document for every student by Monday. Oh, and you have to interview every student in order to get the information needed. Don't forget...it has to be done by Monday!" I'm soooo thrilled...NOT!! Looks like I'll be here late today and tomorrow. BUT the weeked is almost here, and school is almost over!! Can't wait for summer vacation!! I've been busy with my hook and yarn making some squares, so check your inboxes for an addy request!! I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but last weekend we had a flood in our rental unit, and I was on cleaning duty while the renters were away, which meant no trip to the yarn store for me, but *this weekend* I will be treating myself!! (And some of you too since I'll be buy stuff for some new squares) Take care, everyone!! Have an epic day!!!
  7. Hi, All!! Just a quick pop in before I start work. UGH!! I've been computer-less since Friday!! My laptop at home will not charge!! Looks like a trip to the Apple Store is in order...must get computer fixed!! I'll pop back in during my planning to read and catch up! Happy Tuesday, Squares!!! <3
  8. Welcome, Reiann!! I hope you like it here. This little family of squares is truly special. Glad to have you!!! <3
  9. I definitely need to make some swiffer pads!! I have hardwood floors throughout my house, and the regular swiffer pads just don't do the trick. We live in the woods off of a two track dirt road, and I have two indoor/outdoor dogs. I need quite a few to do my house, which in turn, makes them expensive for me. These might just do the trick!! Today was sooo crazy!! The kids are completely off the chain...everybody is so done with this school year!! And the 90 degree sunny weather isn't helping!! Tomorrow I'm giving an AP test for most of the day...BORING!! Maybe I can sneak in a little crocheting time since I'm not suppose to do *anything* except watch the student for 5 hours. (Yes, just one student. It's a make up day for that test) Still at work, but I'm heading home....dishes from last night and dinner to cook are waiting for me there. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to spend some time with my hook and yarn!!
  10. Hi, Everyone! I hope today goes well, GrannyAnnie! Big hugs!! Howieann: Summer reading is sooo important!! I'm sure it's a fantastic sort of tiring. Owlvamp: Wow...100 pounds!! That's remarkable!! Congrats!!! I hope Harlie heals quickly. I'm sorry to hear about Kiddles' nose, Kuddles. Sticking a Q-tip up there sounds extremely uncomfortable! Do go to the Chocolate Festival!! It sounds like sooo much fun. All I can think about is chocolate covered strawberries...YUM!!! Cshort: Thank you sooo much for thinking about me! I can't wait to get the puffy!!! <3 Things are finally slowing down at work...the school year is almost over. YAY!! I *so* can use a summer vacation!! This weekend I'm going to try to sort my stash and see what needs to be replaced. A trip to Hobby Lobby is definitely in order!! I haven't been in months!! I also want go to Barnes and Noble to check out the crochet books and magazines. The only thing I'm really dreading this weekend is bathing suit shopping. UGH!! Like I need to be reminded of my inadequacies!! But, if I don't go soon, the bathing suits will be gone and ordering a bathing suit online is not going to happen. Alright, time to get back to work!!
  11. Hi, Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around...after I switched jobs in January, life got complicated extremely quickly. It wasn't just the job; things seemed to fall about rather suddenly personally as well. Things were just...horrible. BUT, things that are just horrible have the ability to change, and so do people (I'm talking about myself here). Even though the situations I'm dealing with are not totally resolved, whatever happens, I know that I'll be okay in the end. So, even though I haven't picked up my hook in months, I'm back and ready to play again!! A while back, I received a puffy that somehow got misplaced, and while I was cleaning, I discovered it. It was full of beautiful squares!! Thank you, KatyAllen!! Talk about feeling the love!! Gosh, how I've missed this place...hanging out, talking with everyone, sharing lives...I'm soooo incredibly happy to be back. <3
  12. Hello, All! The internet has been spotty...that's the price I pay for living in the woods!! Cindy: Sounds like things are lining up for you and your family!! YAY!! Cshort: (((HUGS))) I hope you find yourself anxiety free. VikingRunnerGirl: That is really exciting!! I love to fangirl out too!! GrannyAnnie: Glad to hear all is going well with the insurance company. They can be such a pain!! Pineknott: WHOOT on the doctor's report!! To everyone else...I hope you're staying healthy and warm!! (((HUGS))) Yesterday, we didn't have school. It was great because we got a day off and it didn't start snowing until almost 3. Went to the grocery store for the essentials. Then it came down HARD!! We've gotten between 6 and 8 inches. Next came the sleet mixed with snow. At about 11 pm, everything finally died down. Right now, it's raining (the temp is just above freezing), but it's going to turn to snow/sleet soon...we're suppose to get another 2 inches or so today. I've got a few puffies to send out as soon as the weather breaks. My hook has been on fire!! Alrighty, friends...it's time for a cup of tea, a movie and some yarn. Stay safe and warm!!!
  13. Welcome! This is one of the most resourceful AND friendliest places on the net!! So glad you found us!!
  14. Hi, Heather! So glad you found us!! This is a wonderful place...I'm sure you'll make tons of friends!
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