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    I'm a mama to one amazing daughter and wife. We live in a cabin in the woods with a small pack of dogs, and hope to add some goats in the spring. My dream is to create my entire wardrobe by hand, but I'm off to a HORRIBLE start...to many other projects keep catching my eye!!
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    Reidsville, NC
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    crocheting, knitting, reading, music, Harry Potter, farm animals, gardening, and snowflakes
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    afghans, baby blankets, toys, dishcloths, ornaments of all kinds, baby accessories, ANYTHING!!
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    I learned to finger crochet in 1979; on and off since 1983 (I think) with a hook
  1. When I was 4, my Great Aunt Carol taught me how to "finger crochet." For my first project, she took the miles of finger chain and sewed it into a basket. When I was older, around 8 maybe, my Aunt Patty taught me basics. I didn't have anybody to help me when I got home, so I had to do things from memory and my own imagination. Then, I made a few things back in my teenage years. When I was 22, I was newly married, and my husband and I would go to his friend's house on Saturday and/or Sunday to watch football. His friend's mom crocheted baby things, and so that sparked my interest again. S
  2. I'm 38 and I've been crocheting on an off since I was 4, maybe? My Great-Aunt Carol was an avid crocheter, and she taught me how to "finger crochet". I made a few things with a hook when I was a teenager, and when I was 21, I decided to try baby items. Since then, I've bounced between knitting and crocheting. Right now, my knitting is on the back burner, and crocheting has taken the spotlight.
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