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    Want to learn as much as possible
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  1. I just looked and found such a beautiful hook?my favorite size hook as well as my favorite. It isn't heavy but feels awsome in my arthritic hand. You even give attention to the proper feel, or placement of your grip. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift, you truly personalized it. The coffee is yummy as well
  2. Oh wow, took a short nap and opened to door to the refrigerator delivery guys. I never looked at either though, as my eyes went directly to a package on the porch from my wonderful swap partner who has spoiled me completely , Apparently I even fot a ticket to thr moon. For the first time since learning crocheting I.now have an organizer. The yarns she kindly in lauded, I LOVE and once worked yo will bless many senior laps and legs at the nursing homes. Yhe sweetest stitch counter and a great book to make lapghans simply but stunningly. The yarn includes som from my favorite company and lots of different shades of my favorite colors and never to leave off the list of out of this world package is a crafters clip on light. Ok om off into the beautiful atmosphere with my ticket to the mom. MOON PIE WHITE COFFEE! Niya you humble me by being SO personal and thoughtful. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  3. I have explained that on this past Monday I was out to send it. I was involved in an accident. I am in a huge amount of pain. My husbad promised me he will send it tomorrow. I'm hoping another part to the gift will show up in mail today.
  4. Just the most beautiful hook ever. I know all winners will display their beautiful work. I'm sure this contest is over so simply CONGRATULATION!
  5. I am having so much fun putting together my swap partners swAp package? I really love this. Care pkg going to Phillipines at thr same time. NOT part of the swap.
  6. I am working om my husbands wood turning Etsy shop. I am sure I can't post it here but is a hobby we are both passionate abou.
  7. I'm thinking we need to all do a hat and a scarf KISS sometime. We seem to make things for everyone but ourselves.
  8. It is days like today that I like to pull out the larger WIPs, to work on. Keeps warm.
  9. Oh no kidge, how awful. I hope you can get it healed quickly. I ventured out to the store with my daughter In law and very abruptly realized I am probably the only crocheter in the Continental US of A withOUT a hat or winter scarf. What a rude reminder. Lol I do have a scarf, I did wear it. Good thing it was long, and it was dark outside because I have no clue how ridiculous I must have looked trying to make a 4" wide scarf in wide stitches, cover my neck, face and as much of my head as I could stretch the end over. I will be tucked in, throw all WIPs off to the side and get busy on a good, thick, wide and long scarf. I am inept at hats. Lol Just thought I'd share the visual. Lol
  10. I don't have enough hair left on this old head. Lol I had not thought of width though.
  11. Just yesterday I was thinking this will be the year for ear warmers. Now I have this easy looking pattern. Thank you for your generosity in sharing, Peggy85225
  12. Sounds ridiculous I know from someone crocheting 6 years but, I have never made any of the KISS items listed. It would be embarrassing for me to jump in and make a mess. I do have a dishcloth I would like to try. I love to feed peoples wishes for something they want and don't yet have. It is fun!
  13. I tried to type iPad but this mystery machine has it's own language and I am not always up on my rest/sleep so I miss details sometimes. I apologize.
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