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    Theresa (Teri) Garrett
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    I am 46, I have a 24 year old daughter named Danielle and a dog named Zoey. My mother is my rock! I am a Christian and love the Lord with every ounce of being within me. I am a self taught crocheter since I was 17 years old. Love this hobby!
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    Manchester Kentucky
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    Crocheting, some Knitting, baking and I bake Cakes on the side
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    Bookkeeper at the local bank
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    scarves, hats, baby items
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    Since I was 17 years old
  1. Kidge, I recieved your ball and I absolutely loved everything.Thank you so much. I can and will use everything you sent me.
  2. Kidge, I really hope you liked your Magic ball. I was a little nervous over it after I seen others post their balls. Have a great weekend!
  3. Kidge, if delivery is as scheduled, you should recieve yours tomorrow. Hope you like it!
  4. Here is the picture of my beautiful dishcloth that I received from Jessiicali! Tell your son he did a great with the color!
  5. Why is it not allowing me to post a new topic . Why?
  6. Jessicali, Your dish clothe went in the mail today with tracking # 9114901123086958928226 scheduled to arrive Monday. Yeeep. Eeeeeeeee
  7. Couldnt go to work today, so I could not mail out your dishcloth today Jessicali. It is 8 degrees right now and the windchill is -3. Suppose to get low neg temps tonight. Stay warm you'll.
  8. Jessicali, got your dishclothe done today and will go in the mail this week!
  9. U I got the yarn for your dishcloth today too! Can't wait. Will start on it tomorrow after church!
  10. The size of the pillow is 18 inches
  11. Reni C, I do love this flower and I am considering using it. Thanks a bunch!
  12. Mimi, love the flower but I am looking for something that stands up higher because the pillow sinks in the middle. Thanks for help!
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