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  1. I am making afghans for TheLinus Project for kids. While they aren’t accepting afghans right now, I hope to get a bunch ready for future donations.
  2. Oh, and BTW, right now I am making a shell afghan. 5DC's for each shell. About every couple rows, I find that I only did 4DC's and so I rip it out because I will always know it is wrong and will stand out like a sore thumb to me.
  3. Oh I have ripped out many rows of an afghan to get to the line where I veered off line, especially since I am a lefty and had to teach myself. Still rip out once in a while even after all these years. So the short answer is there is no "fix", just rip it out. If it is your afghan, you will always be able to see the "OOPSY" and wish you had taken care of it. If it is a gift, you really want to give the best you can give.
  4. I was just going through my crochet closet and found a lot of projects started but never finished. My main question is, since I mostly do chevron for my mindless work, does anybody have a easy and good way for me to mark which size hook I started with? I have a really pretty one from abut 5 years ago that I somehow am storing without the hook in the bag. Now I can't figure out which hook I used and will probably unravel it and start over. As to what to do with afghans, my mom would sit and crochet for hours and hours on end. She could finish a lapghan or a little larger in just a da
  5. The decreasing stitch you use to make the "V" is probably the cause. Watch when you do the stitch. It will probably show you.
  6. I'm a little late to this conversation, but 105 looks right. 19 + 2 = 21....Repeat 4 times....so that ends up being 21 X 5 = 105 (the first set plus the repeat 4 times)
  7. Is this it? https://calcrochetalong.com/2017/05/16/atlanticus-by-vanessa-smith-fishcake/
  8. Lousbabci

    Chemo blankets

    The "Warm Shoulder Shawls" would probably save a lot of yarn. I may have to make some of them too.
  9. Lousbabci

    Chemo blankets

    I just couldn’t believe the beginnng and endings matched up so nicely. It really looks like you did individual color skeins on all of the afghans.
  10. Lousbabci

    Chemo blankets

    How many different shades in of color are in each blanket? And how did you crochet this? Two rows of each or what? I love how they fade in and out.
  11. Lousbabci

    Chemo blankets

    Wonderful blankets! My mom used to get some serious blood transfusions in the same place people got chemo and she said it was fuh-reezing in there so she would make blankets and drop them off. I always wanted to continue with her legacy. What sizes are your Afghans?
  12. I ripped it all out and may start over at a later date. It just frustrated me too much to try and fix it. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. I remember my Mom making me rip out rows and rows of crochet because I dropped 1 stitch. As frustrating as it was, I did it and it taught me to be very careful and count my stitches. Now 50 years later, I still count and still rip out even though I have told myself that nobody will know if I fudge, but I WILL KNOW, so I rip out, fix and start again. Count your stitches and every so often, lay your project out on a flat surface to look for mistakes. They will stand out when you get a little distance on them.
  14. I am making a very simple afghan using Tunisian stitch. Just 3-4 rows of color and then changing to another color using up all my extra yarn. No other pattern or anything. I find that the shape is getting off. I am very careful to count my stitches to make sure I don't drop or add any to my rows. But both sides are starting to lean left so it looks like the Italic but to the left instead of the right. (Hope that makes sense, LOL) The research I have done says that is one of the "hate" of the love/hate of Tunisian. Is this true? All I can do is try to block it back to the right?
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