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    I am a single mother of a 6 y/o son. I love to crochet!
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    Youngstown, Ohio
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    reading, movies, music, crocheting, and recently gardening
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    911 operator
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    baby items, afghans, and hats
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    since 2003
  1. I have multiple issues of Crochet! Magazine, 3 issues of Family Circle Easy Crochet, and two issues of Simply Creative Crochet available. Also I have a book titled "Crochet Bags" by Candi Jensen. Destashing and not looking to make money from these, just would like the person who wants the item to pay shipping cost. All items are in good condition but were used and may have tears or creases from use. Crochet! Magazines: May 2005 July 2005 September 2005 November 2005 January 2006 March 2006 May 2006 July 2006 September 2006 November 2006 January 2007 March 2007 May 2007 July 2007 September 2007 November 2007 January 2008 March 2008 May 2008 July 2008 September 2008 Family Circle Easy Crochet: Fall/winter 2005 GONE Fall 2006 GONE Spring 2007 GONE Simply Creative Crochet: 2005 2006
  2. http://bitsandbobblesblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/2-hour-slouchy-beanie-pattern.html?m=1 Could this be it?
  3. cbear713

    Where to begin?

    My sister in law requested a Jamaican flag afghan. It seems simple enough, basically a yellow x with solid triangles. I would call myself an intermediate crocheter but I just cannot seem to figure out the best way to begin. Crochet the triangles first and then join with the yellow? Try a graph approach? I started the graph once but it seems like I am over-complicating things. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Anybody see those hilarious crochet outfits on the episode "Burt Bucks"?
  5. This one looks similar to me, maybe with a few stitches added to the ribbing rows to make it a little wider. http://www.365crochet.com/p/my-patterns.html?m=1#meshhat
  6. I had a few skeins of this in black that I bought a few years ago on clearance. I have used it to knit a hat for my father, one a year, over the last few years. I started this year's hat, and wouldn't you know it, ran out halfway through! I thought I had more but cannot find it anywhere in my stash. Does anyone out there have a skein/partial skein they are willing to sell or trade? Thanks in advance for looking!
  7. Someone has this posted! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=115636
  8. I have an odd question--does anyone else's cat "clean" them. I woke up this morning to my cat lying on my pillow licking my hair. Not exactly the greatest way to start the day. My cat does this on a rare occasion, but she hasn't done it for the longest time (until today). Just wondering if anyone else has ever woken up to a kitty bath
  9. here is my version of the bear It was an easy pattern also, I loved making it!
  10. cbear713

    Floppy Friends Bunny

    I did the same pattern, but I used caron simply soft. sorry the picture quality is not great, taken with my camera phone!
  11. I want to try one! I like the bunny and the bear...so either one! They're all so cute!
  12. I was just wondering if you received my squares yet. I hope so!
  13. I absolutely LOVE all of Candi Jensen's "candy" books. Candy Blankies, Candy Babies and Candy Tots. Great items for kids that look like you would buy in the store (if you couldn't make them yourself, that is:) )
  14. I think it is beautiful!! Looks like all the trouble was worth it
  15. I just saw it at Barnes and Noble today. I was really excited and couldn't wait to open it...and then when I did it wasn't what I expected. The designs really are beautiful, I guess I was just hoping there would be a bigger variety of projects inside. I didn't like the toppers inside--what I should really say is that I like them but would never wear them, so I wouldn't make them. I was hoping for more wearables that weren't shawls. So I was a little disappointed:( but I still thought it was a nice book.
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