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    Life-long resident of Connecticut,USA. Married, mother of 2, grandmother of 1. Retired Nurse.
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    Connecticut, USA
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    Crochet, Sewing, Gardening
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    Owner of PATS CRAFT SHOP by pluinct on Etsy.com
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    Afghans, Doilies, Pot Holders, Washcloths
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  1. pluinct

    round ripple

    Very pretty! I'll have to try doing a round ripple.
  2. I found this pattern on this site - Mom's Love of Crochet. The Rick Rack Baby Blanket. I call it a Petite Ripple. Loved it so much, I made several in the past 6 months.Enjoy! http://momsloveofcro...abyBlanket.html
  3. Yes, it is the pattern that comes up with that link - she calls it Rick Rack (also known as a Petite Ripple).
  4. I found the pattern on the site - Mom's Love of Crochet' - Enjoy! http://momsloveofcrochet.com/RickRackBabyBlanket.html
  5. Beautiful - such talent!
  6. Stunning. Love the colors!
  7. Pretty, your mother must have been pleased to receive this from you. I don't think I ever saw that pattern before.
  8. Love this Doily! Makes me want to pull out my old patterns/books and look through them now.
  9. This has been one of my favorite baby blankets to make lately. Also known as a Rick-Rack Blanket. Crib size. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn and a 'G' hook. On the sides, I did a row of single crochet, then a row of reverse single crochet.
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