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  1. yeah in redding ca area. Am looking for a group up in the shasta county area. I would like to get together and crochet and learn to get better and share patterns and ideas and such. just the socializing and crocheting would be fun.
  2. Hi My name is Joe. I am a 53 year old disabled veteran. I use to crochet in the late 60's and up until the mid 70's. I was never considered an expert but I held my own. After many years of not crocheting, I once again find myself drawn to the craft. I happened across a basic kit of crochet hooks "F" thru "I" and a single "J" hook that my mother gave me before she passed away last year. She said they were the ones I had used in the beginning. I did not have any yarn though. So, I perused Craigslist and found a couple of estate sales stating they had lots of bulk yarn they needed to get rid of. I went to two such events and for $20 at the first one I got over $100 worth of basic yarn with a little mix of a little higher grade of yarn. The next day I attended event number 2 and for $7 I acquired several hundred dollars worth of yarn of a much higher quality. The person who had had this yarn before also left behind a few pieces of unfinished works. they are high boutique quality items. I wish she had been in the box too so i could take advantage of her considerable knowledge and expertise. Wow what I could have learned from her. I am mostly sedentary as a result of my injuries suffered during active duty. I have real bad insomnia so I have more awake time than most people and all of it free. So, I need to do something and I want to be productive. I began to use the internet to learn (relearn) basic stitches, SC, DC, Chain, slip stitch, "V" stitch (my favorite, Star stitch (my other favorite). I have been practicing but wanted to Make Something. I sorted through all the yarn I got and found this beautiful turquoise and began to make a scarf for my wife. I am half done with it after only 3 days. I work on it a little and practice some of my other stitches too and peruse the net looking for patterns and ideas for a next project. My wife has put in several orders already after seeing how my works is already progressing. I have an order for two different sets of wrist warmers, Im making an afgan, and I need to finish my first back to crocheting scarf project. In both lots I did not find any hooks nor stitch markers nor needles. So, I will have to acquire some when I can. I am making mistakes but I am making more progress than mistakes. I am finding that crocheting is helping me to fall asleep easier. who knew! Crocheting is something I can do while in my wheel chair, waiting for a doctors appointment, or just lying sedentary in bed or on my chaise lounge chair in the front room for hours and months at a time. And once again I am productive. I really want to join a crochet club and learn more and share with others too. Well, that's me in a nut shell. hope to hear form you all and happy crocheting all! JL
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