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  1. Made this for my aunt who taught me how to crochet. link for pattern http://www.crochetmemories.com/shop/spring-butterfly-garden-doily/
  2. I didn't use a pattern, I just looked at a picture I found on Pinterest.
  3. I made this for myself, for my new apartment.
  4. This is another doily I made for myself for the new apartment my boyfriend and I moved into.
  5. I just moved in with my boyfriend, so I'm making myself doilies for the holidays. This doily was designed by Kathryn White.
  6. Made this for my boyfriend. I graphed out a picture of the logo and used the crochet filet technique. It isn't perfect but he is very happy with it.
  7. Made this for my brother's friend who is getting married.
  8. Made this for my mom for mother's day. I made it by crocheting romanian point lace cords and tracing the design with the cords.
  9. The pattern is from Crochet World 2011. Wanted to make something different so I decided to make this doily.
  10. I used size 20 cotton thread, finished size 16" x 24". The pattern said to use the colors lilac and lavender, but I wanted the colors to stand out more from each other.
  11. This pattern is on redheart.com. Liked this doily because it was different then most doilies that I have made.
  12. Had this pattern in a Crochet World Magazine, Autumn Blaze Table Mat. Decided to use these pastel colors instead, it is 8 3/4" in diameter.
  13. This doily was made using size 30 cotton thread, it's about 14" in diameter. The pattern is on redheart.com.
  14. Decided to use different colors instead of all white like in the pattern. It's about 12" in diameter.
  15. I found a picture of this doily awhile ago on the internet and just recently I decided to make it by following the picture, no pattern. The actual doily is called Wreath of Roses.
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