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  1. Does every ch 3 act as a dc, or is it only on the rows where it states it in ( ). I am on row 3 at the end and need to know if I put the last two dc in the top of the previous rows ch 3 or the dc before that.
  2. Was going to start the pattern this morning, but wouldn't you know, the hook I need is missing. I crochet pretty tightly so am thinking using one hook size bigger should be ok.
  3. I got my email conformation today. I ordered my kit in orange. All the sweaters I own are either brown or black, so I wanted something that would really pop. Can't wait. I am going to make the largest size. I am a bit bigger so if it doesn't fit me it will still make a great gift for someone else.
  4. I learned how to chain and single crochet from my mother-in-law. Then bought a how-to book with left handed instructions and taught myselft the rest of the way.
  5. I made a sc scarf, back loop only. Still have it. It's kinda itchy, so I don't wear it, but keep it anyway cause it was my first. =)
  6. I am 33. Learned when my son was still a babe, he is almost 9 now.
  7. I like to sketch, mainly just graphite. But classes I am taking in school have introduced me to the use of charcoal and doing full color rendering with marker. I may learn to knit one of these days, but I will stick to crochet for now. Back in high school I took a lot of art classes and worked with a lot of mediums, including wood carving, oil painting, ceramics, etc.
  8. Simply put, there is just something satisfying about creating something with your own hands, wether you are going by a pattern or creating something unique of your own design. I have many hobbies, but crocheting is the most satisfying for me (besides sketching). It is also a practical hobby, because you can make and create things for others or yourself and it is something that I can be passed down to my children, and one of these days maybe even grandchildren.
  9. My name is Holleah (pronounced like holly). I am married with two children and we have one on the way that will make his/her appearance into this world in December. I work full time as a customer support rep and I am attending art school to get a degree in animation, in addition to taking care of my family. I lead such a busy life that I have had to cut back on my hobbies. I figured crocheting is much more fullfilling than playing video games and it is something that I can pass onto my children. I have been crocheting on and off for about 8 or 9 years, more frequently of late. I learned from my mother-in-law how to chain and single crochet, but it was difficult because she was right handed and I am a lefty. So I went and bought a teach yourself book that had lefty instructions in it. Then once I learned the basic stitches I learned how to read patterns. I just finished making a round baby blanket for my little one that will be here soon. It is very pretty with interlocking hearts. For a while I was making small cell phone purses with a strap and button flap, but it got frustrating because the new phones coming out kept changing size, so I gave up on that. I did create my own, hopefully unique granny square scarf. Even though I am attending school for animation, lately I have been thinking that opening my own yarn store would be fun, but where would I even begin, lol. I have no knowledge about starting a business. Feel free to ask me questions. =) Holleah
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