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  1. I decided to join today because I plan to post a question, but I thought I'd write this post first. I'm Robin. I have been slowly teaching myself from books and asking questions for the last seven years. I try to learn a new thing on each project I work on. So far I can make blankets, scarfs, hats and that's about it. The hats haven't been working out to the right size but I keep trying. It's hard to find the time, but I love to crochet. One day I plan to teach myself to knit as well.
  2. Thanks a lot ladies!!! I really appreciate it!!
  3. Hi everyone!!!!! I'd like some help please. I want to make something special for my grandmother's 80th birthday. I don't have much time, it's going to be celebrated the 2nd. I don't have much crochet skills just the basics, I taught myself from books and can read easy patterns but not charts/graphs. What I'd like to make is something she would love that is small and has to do with the AR Razorbacks. But all the razorback patterns I have found cost money and I was looking for something free, and small so I can make it in the time I have. Any help or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you for posting!
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