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    Writing, reading, crocheting, drawing.
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    started when I was a teenager, stopped for a few years and just started doing crochet again :)
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    flowers, headbands, girly stuff ^. ^
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  1. That's a very nice project, very useful too ^.^
  2. Hi guys, new member here, very excited to find a place to talk about crocheting ! I live in Guatemala city, that's in Central America right beside Mexico for those of you wondering where that is ^ ^ I started crocheting when I was a teenager, I was taught at school; I crocheted for about two years (school) after that I dropped it and forgot about it -but now Im married and I have three daughters and I want to do something nice and fun with them so I started crocheting again plus Im teaching my two older daughters so we can do projects together. So I want to learn again, remember how to do patterns and find awesome things to do with my girls. Thanks to everyone in advance
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