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  1. Looking for this pattern that my sister-in-law and I saw on a Facebook thread crochet group very recently. The crocheter said that she finished this recently from a pattern she found on Google or Pinterest some time ago, and said that was the only information she had. I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit searching for it this weekend, and my sister-in-law has put in quite a few hours herself. Any help appreciated!
  2. Holy Cow! Thanks, Reni! You're awesome! I've started my first teeny tiny thread crochet project, and I am ready to break that tedious stuff up with something that I can get a "mile a minute" with.
  3. The Pinterest post is here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/368802656955584448/ which points to this site: http://ortsov.com/patterns-for-crochet-afghans/ which points to a site owned by Kim Guzman. I looked at her website and blog, and did not see the pattern or a link to it. So, I emailed her with a pic of the afghan and the link that pointed to her site. She got back to me quickly saying that it was not hers, and that it was a horrible website using the name of her website so that could make money from Google Adsense by making money off the name of her website. Back to square one. I'm thinking it's from a pattern book or magazine. If it's from a magazine, it will probably take a small miracle to find it. Thanks for helping! Laura
  4. I saw this on Pinterest, but haven't been able to locate the pattern. It appears to be pattern #8 in a book (maybe?). Hoping someone out there knows where to find it! Thanks!
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