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  1. most of the time i have the tv going with a show i have taped or want to watch or a dvd on... there has to be something on i dont like silence....
  2. the main reason i started crocheting was to learn to make the gorgeous crochet flowers... although i still havnt done that yet... but i also wanted to learn something new that i can sit on the lounge with my family and do while watching tv etc... and i did try knitting but i found crocheting was so much faster and easier to learn then knitting...
  3. I think i have done way too many crafty things in my life lol... but now i have found my few that i stick to which are crocheting, scrapbooking, cardmaking and cross stitch....
  4. Hi There thought i would pop in and say hi... im sheree im 36 years old and live in sydney australia... only new to crocheting... i started this year learning from youtube and family members....i think i have become an addict...i used to love getting crochet items from my nana who is now no longer able to crochet and have just been given all her wool and crochet hooks to use... looking forward to joining in here with you all take care Sheree
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