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    Crochet, knitting, reading and sometimes cooking
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    Retired Nurse
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    afghans, hats, scarfs, mittens, etc.
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    I've been crocheting since 1961
  1. Ok great. I'm working on a tablecloth for my daughter-in-law right now, so i'll get started on one as soon as I can. In the meantime I'll enjoy looking at everyone else's projects.
  2. Are we to just make any pattern we want or are we going to all make the same one?
  3. Do you have a particular pattern in mind? And is there a time limit? If there is a time limit I won't be able to do it.
  4. Hope you get to feelilng better real soon.
  5. i love all three of them, I'll have to get that book and try some of the patterns. I made a second Branching Out using Simply Soft and a G hook and it made up much smaller. I think I took a picture of it, I'll have to find it and post it.
  6. Done! I'm not real crazy about this pattern, my Mom liked it so I gave it to her, but that's not saying much she likes everything... The model is my 91 year old mother.
  7. Me too, I'll have to check and see if I have enough of one color to make it...don't want to buy new yarn until I have used up what I have...then I can and my husband can't give me dirty looks..
  8. I started the Picot Flower shawl last night, and here is what I have so far....not sure if I like it, it might just be my choice of yarn and color...looks more like Picot clover... I am using up the yarn I already have available, rather than buy new...this is Bernat Satin Jade.
  9. All done! It goes fast, but gets rather boring because of the number of stitches at the end...lol My model is my sister, I cut her head off purposely to show the shawl. I think I am going to try the picot flower one next. After I do the monthly kit from Annie's that I just got.
  10. Oh, I like that now, I wasn't too sure when I first saw the pattern. How easy would it be to make it longer?
  11. Looks like most of them are crochet.
  12. Ok, sorry about that, let's see if I can get the right pictures this time
  13. oops wrong pictures. will try again
  14. Ok, I am going to finish the Branching Out shawl, after you get past the first few rows it is easy, almost as easy as the Wheelchair Wrap. Here are a couple of pictures of it so far, I am on rown 39
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