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  1. I am working a new project for my Pit Bull (the wussy who hates cold) and I am used to making blankets. Here is the pattern: http://www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/crochet-dog-coat I worked down to the leg openings, changing a little because my dog is a 30" chest so I upped the needle size and the pattern. I got down to the leg openings and it starts talking about work 1 row even in pat ... then for leg openings pat across 3(5-7-9) sts. I have a huge book of explanations for sewing, crochet, embroidery, and knitting and I have looked at some of the posts here and still cannot decifer the meaning of what exactly it is that I am supposed to do. The only pattern in the pattern is 1sc in dc and 1dc in sc. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
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