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  1. taraleigh3182

    Rainbow Dash cutie mark

    Wow! I see this was quite a few years ago but was wondering if u still remember how u made this? If so, do u mind sharing? Im hopeless with felt and this is the best crochet cutie mark i have seen after searching for my nieces bday!is there anyway u could explain how u made this for me? please, please, please!
  2. taraleigh3182

    working with photographers...

    It definitely would sound fishy, but I forgot to say that she was actually referred to me through a friend who thinks the photographers work.is awesome. She was just getting in to baby photography to expand her business and needed a variety of props. I do have all the emails (thankfully) and I do think she will eventually hold up her end of the deal. BUT, what do you do when you just aren't happy with the photos? I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I doubt I'll ever use the modeled pics. For example, shw ordered a 0-3 months size hat and has it on a 9mth old baby!!! So, it looks silly! I will probably just hafta use the pictures of the items alone (when I get them) and that isn't exactly what I was going for. It's just a crappy situation all the way around. I think, in the future, I'll either take my own photos or provide the models myself and pay for the pictures. Thanks again for letting me rant and for all the input.
  3. taraleigh3182

    working with photographers...

    So..I made a huge rookie mistake! I am currently getting ready to open up an etsy store because I've had some great success selling from my fb page and need something more professional. I recently had a photographer contact me about ordering quite a few items and, for a discounted price, she would take professional pictures both of my pieces alone and on models with the proper releases to use these images in my store. It sounded like a fantastic arrangement, but in my overexcitement and nativity, I agreed to a 50% discount. She ordered $260 worth of items for$130 and I had to ship. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for shipping costs in our agreement so I was left with the bill. :'( I really put my heart amd soul in to these pieces as I thought they'd ve representing my work to enable more business and profit for me. I even made up my own patterns when I couldn't find anything like what sje requested and included extras like bows and flowers she could clip on to have versatility with the outfits. I finally received my first batch of pictures and, much to my dismay and horror, she used hats made for much smaller babies (sizes she ordered) which make the items look ridiculous! I'm also just not thrilled with the quality of the pictures or the model(how do u say that without being offensive?) And any attempt at asking for the pictures of the itens alone is met with attitude about how she doesn't have time right now and I'll hafta wait! I have a beautiful 4 month ild baby and a cheap camera but I could've done better myself! I'm writing this in hopes someone can learn from my mistakes but also to ask uf anyone else has made these type of arrangements before? What were the details of the arrangements (discount?, etc) and how should I handle being displeased with the pics? Do I say something or chalk it up to learning and do better in the future? Thanks for taking the time to let me rant!
  4. taraleigh3182

    Bow Baby Booties

    Love these! Can't wait to make em!
  5. taraleigh3182

    another girls minion hat!

    Man! I'm.up to my ears in orders for these!
  6. taraleigh3182

    help making this backpack

    Oh, wow! I hadn't even thought about that but, now that you said that ...what a mess that would be with the bag eventually dragging on the ground! Lol! So, I would put rope inside after the straps are done and before I attach them? Thank you so much for the insight!
  7. taraleigh3182

    Ponie Hats for my Daughter and her friend

    Wow! I never thought about that but it sounds so complicated! Beautiful work tho
  8. taraleigh3182

    Ponie Hats for my Daughter and her friend

    These are amazing! How do you fasten the hair on? I'm working on a girl minion hat right now and I'm wingin it, but I'm sure there's any easier way! Thanks for sharing!
  9. taraleigh3182

    Different girl hats I made

    Omg! I LOVE them all! The owl one is so unique! Question, what kind of yarn is that on the furry hat that the adorable little girl is modeling?
  10. taraleigh3182

    help with slouchy hat

    Thanks so much! I'll check it out!
  11. taraleigh3182

    help making this backpack

    Hi guys! So I have a request to make a backpack similar to finn the humans from the show, "adventure time". As I can't find a pattern for this, I'm trying to come up with my own. My thoughts are to make two sections (one in each color) In the round inc until desired size then evenly until I reach desired length then stitch together only in the back so it will open and maybe adding a small flap for button closure. For the straps, not sure if I'm just gonna make two flat pieces for each strap and stitch together or work in the round like a tail. Any thoughts would be so appreciated! Thanks!
  12. taraleigh3182

    girls minion outfit!

    This is my newest girls minion outfit (I have a ton of minion orders for Halloween)! Originally, I started with a diaper cover and suspenders. Then, I decided to just keep adding rows to the front portion to make a bib top. The skirt idea came next and then the pocket and lastly, I decided to add some picot edging! I love, love, love it! Everytime I make one, I try to change it up so each costume is unique. It seems that I learn something with each one and can make improvements on the next! I can't wait to see where my imagination takes me for the next set!
  13. taraleigh3182

    minion sets

    I'm so proud of this set for a boy and girl! I started with a basic minion hat and diaper cover pattern. Then I came across a pattern to add a skirt and my imagination took over! Hope u all enjoy them!
  14. taraleigh3182


    Thanks again! It turned out great!
  15. taraleigh3182

    help with slouchy hat

    I found a beautiful pattern for a slouchy Beanie /beret type hat. The only problem is, I'd like it to be a bit more "slouchy" or longer. I know I just need to add a few rows, but I'm not sure if I add more increase rows or regular. Can anyone please help? Thanks!