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    I mostly lurk around here, but I thought I'd come in and ask for advice. Unlike many people, I don't care for fringe on afghans, especially making it. But I agreed to replace old blue fringe on a co-worker's embroidered afghan. It's a heavy woven wool made by her mom, with flowers hand-done all over it. She loves it, but she wants to replace the blue with something else (it's on all four sides!). I convinced her to go with the same ecru color as the background so she wouldn't have to worry about which flowers to match. The current fringe is really short and one-stranded all the way around. Given that this is going to replace what's already there, I'm sure I need to keep to the same stranding, but I thought I'd go much longer to give the fringe a stronger presence since it's a neutral color. Can anyone give me some helpful tips on this? Especially the length. I've always had trouble getting fringes the same length. Is there anything out there that will make this easier (translate: less painful) for me? A great big TIA!!!
  2. I've been away from the 'ville for a loooonnnnng time, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. (I actually lurk once in a while, but I haven't posted.) I'm Bev, in Atlanta, GA. I love needlework (crochet, knitting, cross stitch). My favorite things to make are afghans and scarves. I recently bought a sewing machine so I can learn machine quilting, but that'll have to wait a while. I'm currently working on a) two baby afghans; b) scarves for Special Olympics; and c) scarves and hats to go to a homeless shelter in town that we're collecting for at work. I'm also making a scarf as a Christmas present for a friend at work. I'm the single mom of 3 furpuppies (Shih-Tzu) - my babies!
  3. Welcome, Pam! Please let us know what you're working on. As for me, I'm still making progress on my Americana afghan. I've decided to increase the size of the ghan, so I worked on the graph and changed the colors around slightly. I've finished 24 solid grannies (each about 7 inches across) and woven in all the ends. I've also finished the large center block, so I'm thinking of attaching all the center squares just to feel a little more inspired. The afghan I'm stitching on at work has progressed this week. I finished 4 repeats of the center pattern, and I have 6 more to do - then there are 16 rows of border. I'm not sure if this is a Terry Kimbrough pattern, but it looks like one. On a side note (also crochet related), I've spent a sizeable amount this week on eBay on new ghan patterns. I tell you, I need to stop!! This can be as bad as a yarn addiction. Anyone else have progress to report? Bev
  4. I've noticed that quite a few people are looking for yellows for the Pretty Gingham afghan. I saw a couple of options yesterday: Coats and Clark (Red Heart) offers Butter and Baby Yellow in TLC Essentials: http://www.coatsandclark.com/Products/Knitting/Medium+Yarns/TLC+Essentials.htm Bernat Satin comes in Sunrise and Banana: http://www.bernat.com/product.php?LGC=satin&SPP=999 I don't know if these will fit the bill for anyone, but just thought I'd pass them on. Bev
  5. I've just been lurking in here for a while, looking at all the beautiful progress you're making. What a great CAL! I learned to knit this past year, and I've spent a lot of time online looking at patterns and reading tips, suggestions, etc. One of the main things I learned was that, as a crocheter, it would be easier for me to knit the continental way rather than the British way. (Continental method = hold my yarn in my left hand the exact way I do when I crochet. British method = learn to hold my yarn in my right hand. No contest.) I know the teaching site Julie was talking about: http://knittinghelp.com/ This is a great site, and Amy has done a wonderful job of making the videos. Bev
  6. I can't believe that there are no more WIPs to finish! Isn't anyone making any progress? As for me, I have a couple of afghans I'm working on, now that the big wedding ghan is out of the way: 1) I 'm trying to finish the May afghan from A Year of Aghans 8. Once again, I'm using Caron SS in off-white. This is for a young friend in Florida. 2) I'm making lots of progress on my Americana afghan (red, white, and blue solid grannies). I've decided to enlarge it by one block all the way around, so that will mean 32 extra squares (!). I have three more afghans in various stages of WIP-ness. (One of them is White Lace from Quick & Cozy Afghans. It's about 7/8 finished.) Come on, y'all, let's hear what you're doing. Bev
  7. Donna: What wonderful colors. Can't wait to see more! Tiffany: I clicked on the picture before I read your post, and my first thought was "WOW, that's complicated!" Great job, and the colors look great! Heather: Your ATW is just beautiful - and so big! Tabby: I'm being good, I promise. In fact, I've made quite a few more squares. I had a (surprise) root canal on Friday, and I had to sit in the office for an extra couple of hours; so of course I had my crochet! Then I crocheted yesterday while traveling to visit a friend whose mother had just died. I kept telling myself, "Keep working, there's a bat headed your way." I'm really looking forward to seeing your Tetris ghan. I've been keeping up with that thread, and it's a really exciting project. Just to clarify one of my earlier posts, I didn't join this thread until after I finisihed my huge wedding afghan. IT's DONE! I posted about it on the WIP thread, but I don't think anyone is visiting over there. (I don't have a picture.) I even finished it ahead of time - the wedding isn't until April 21. Hurray! I've been working on it since October. Bev
  8. I'm sorry this is late, but I think your quilt afghan is gorgeous! Where did you find the pattern? Bev
  9. it's more of a quilt wannabe than an actual quilt pattern. It's made of solid red, blue, and white grannies, which give it a quilt-like look. However, I've been thinking a lot about my poor neglected log cabin quilt 'ghan, and I might just have to try it again. It was about half-way done, but Caron discontinued the colors I was using; so it's been a UFO for several years. I was doing the barn raising variation with red centers, one side greens, one side neutrals. Bev
  10. I've heard that I should tread lightly around Tabby if I'm not working on my 'ghan the way I should. Do the rest of you share a big rock to hide behind, or is there a large burrow to dive into if I hit a slump? Bev
  11. now I can get back to my almost-a-quilt afghan. I've been busy the past several days FINISHING MY BIG AFGHAN for a friend's wedding. Keep me honest, y'all. Make me get this one done, too. Bev
  12. Woo-Hoo!!! I finished the wedding afghan last night. I really need to happy dance. Let's see, the pattern is Country Pebbles, the yarn is SS off-white. The size is, well, it's the size of my queen-sized mattress with a couple of inches hanging off each side and the bottom. I started it back in October, but I frogged it three times before finding out there was an error in the pattern. Then I crocheted about two feet of it before receiving the suggestion that it needed to be bigger. So I frogged it again, did the math, and made it queen sized. The I stopped to complete several Christmas presents. Started back in January with a vengeance - and finished the blessed thing last night! So, please, someone - everyone - come and dance with me!! Bev
  13. I just looked over the colors of TLC, and I agree about the Butter. It looks like a beautiful match to the Island. (!! waiting for Tiffany's yarn to come in . . . !!) Bev
  14. this would not be the pattern for me. Boleros look awful on me. But this is a really cute pattern. I can't wait to see how it looks in the mixed blue yarn. Please keep posting. Bev
  15. thanks for the welcome. I've looked at the double wedding ring pattern several times. What a lucky friend. And the colors sound yummy. Bev
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