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  1. Nice job! Beautiful shawl/wrap and wishing you a very happy birthday:)
  2. Awe- it's so sweet of you to make all these gifts! Hope everyone appreciates all of your hard work:) but if you're really getting anxiety attacks from it try to limit your gift making or focus only on what you are making now, trying not to think about all the other gifts. It takes practice but really helps:) you don't want to end up with an anxiety disorder! (I get panic attacks)
  3. rohnda


    Thank you! I also love pineapples and recently made Doris Chan's Light and Lacy sleeveless top. It's a free pattern:)
  4. rohnda


    Thank you for your heart warming welcome! What a nice place and how awesome you all are!!
  5. rohnda


    I'm trying to post a big thank you to all of you that welcomed me here at the ville! Hope that I have posted in the right place. Lol I'm not 100% sure exactly how to get back here but you've made me feel welcome! Thank you!!
  6. rohnda


    Just discovered crochetville and signed up:) looking forward to enjoying everything crochet lol and making new friends along the way:)
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