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  1. I hate them owlvamp! The have such small necks and personal I use aluminum hooks and I use a lot of the hooks neck. That's funny Yarnoverforlove ... I don't have a light up crochet hook. Sounds interesting .
  2. We lost power for about 3 hours, but that was to long for me so..... I used my lighted up crochet hook. I hate it but I just had to keep crocheting lol!
  3. It's been downpouring here Since yesterday ! Everything is flooded and the lights keep going out! ( a crocheters worst nightmare!)????☔⚡⛅
  4. pineknott Thank you so much for the puffy today with all of your donations! As per your question this is a charity I hope to run for many years so it is not just a temporary thing:-)
  5. That was me posting through my cousins account crochetaddict420. I am looking for who sent me that package lol sorry for the mistake!☺
  6. yarnoverforlove I have the first 25 tucked,working on some more,had to get my stash busting score into the positive zone darn Michael's for having the two yarns I like on special costing to be -5,but thats fixed now. most of the rest I think will be single color,so that they get finished in a timely manner. Thank you pinknott
  7. Thanks, Shown are Issac, Niko & G.G. The breeds are Pug/Chi/Mix Not shown/Silky/Yorkie/Chi/Wennier Dog/Cheweenie
  8. Hey everyone! Here are a couple of pictures of my dogs. I have 3 or 4 I have not shown but yall asked so here ya go..... get ready for the cuteness!
  9. Thank You I did find the squares,tucking ends,I will stuff the largest puffy I can find, If I remember right,they hold about 50- 6 inch squares I used to send them out regulary to someone in Ohio that made blankets for foster kids,thats how I know about how many fit in a puffy ( OH and Congrats to The New Queen!) Thank You!!!
  10. Oh how cute! Cn we see a pic, pretty please?! The One who love love loves the yarn He is on my profile picture. The picture of him
  11. I wish I could have cats I love them but My's but my dogs hate them.. so we cant have any:-( Good luck with those for kittens lol they are going to give you a run for your money lol. My dogs know they can not bite or scratch but they can touch an feel. They love it : -)
  12. I have nine dogs, and they all love yarn as though they were cats ( idk if that's a stereotype or not) but they love it. I just found my 6 week old rescue at the bottom of my yarn stash sleeping. It was too cute I had to take like six photos. Anyone else have little animals helpers?
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