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  1. Good early morning to all of you! I've been following for months now, waiting for that moment to jump in and look alive. Since that time, we have had so much happen that life is more like a treadmill than something orderly with a few bumps here and there. Received word at 4:30 a.m that my aunt was going to the hospital, stroke symptoms, and at almost 6 an ER doctor called to say it was a hemorrhagic stroke. I am still working on the 63-square afghan, with 41 done, one started, and 3 which have given me fits. At least the Christmas tree is up and ablaze with light. You know, I never thought to look for yarn at a thrift store. I bought a big bag of odds and ends at a porch sale years ago. Had fun with that. I'll have to take a look. Regarding potty training, there is nothing like big girl/boy pants. Once that accident and diaper thing is over, you are so much more at ease. I think I was a little lax with it. Don't want to create a little miser by rushing it (yes, I read books about it, etc.) True story: when our first granddaughter was learning, her parents were so joyful and pleased, that the little darling freaked out and wouldn't use the potty -- except to hold her little Barney. Go figure. Once they learn, it should be smooth sailing until puberty. That's cold comfort, isn't it -- puberty!!!
  2. Oh Mandy you lucky duck!!!! I was hoping my belovéd Pirates would be going to the series. We'll be watching tonight.
  3. Hello people -- I'm really eager to get started on a new project, but gotta finish the current one. I'm doing that 63-square afghan. I figure I might get done this year. Hard to tell. I have my husband in the hospital -- got 3 stents today to go with the one he got in September. We believe it's a matter of DNA. And our business. At least he's getting some R&R. I'm interested in doing some squares -- pineknott, any color or pattern?
  4. believe it or not, i did it in an evening. i ripped out the center and second rows and then stared at the gaping hole. felt sick. could i really fix it? i plodded along, reconstructed the center two rows, and stitched it into the third row. i don't want to do that again ever.
  5. Thank you all for the help! I was leaning toward to your fix, Rose Red and JoAnn, but wasn't sure how to integrate it. Luckily, there is only one damaged square. This might be tonight's project. Thanx again!
  6. I have a problem -- how to reconstruct a granny square in an afghan. The square unraveled from the inside out about one or two rounds. How do you work backwards? Should I try to start with the center and connect with and outer round? Any ideas?
  7. Hello there Mumsey! Welcome from Central Pennsylvania!
  8. What a wonderful historical discovery. Just popped into my mind: my mother-in-law told me long ago that her oldest son's "plastic pants" for over his diaper were a crocheted kind of cover. He was born in 1940. Perhaps there is a pattern for these. (Thank Heaven for plastic pants!)
  9. I don't remember the brands, but I don't get a thrill with fuzzy yarns, the kind that would look like mohair when crocheted or knitted. They tangle and ripping out stitches is annoying. From reading the posts, I'm going to avoid Homespun like the plague!
  10. Honestly, my stash is dwindling. I had mine, I got bags of yarn from my mom, and some of it went to sales at my church. Her stash included Knit-Cro-Sheen and some thin-weight twisted yarns with a gold thread. Not my style. Once my stash is done, well, I'll have to get a new pattern and start over.
  11. I don't do swatches. I've found that some stitches come out bigger than others. Does this happen to anyone else? If I were doing a sweater, I'd do one. For afghans, the bigger the better.
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