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  1. If you go here: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/flowers.php You will find at least three patterns for magnolia blossoms, the rest of the blanket could be improvised, I'm sure
  2. How lovely, delicate and beautiful. Lovely work
  3. It looks lovely, I would have loved to of signed up for that, I do like Kim's patterns. I like the colour you chose
  4. Well thank you! I looked at so many patterns, but this one does come out well, quite elegant I thought. It is a free pattern, I hope you give it a try. Even if you just make a centrepiece or runner
  5. Clever to make beads yourself, wouldn't have occurred to me. Those two colours you chose are lovely together, I don't know if it was by chance or intention, but those two colours are used to represent support of breast cancer, (pink), and the teal, ovarian cancer. So you will be doing more than just wearing a pretty scarf, you will be supporting women .... And some men
  6. Well that was a challenge! You have an outstanding work there and I am full of admiration for your skill, patience and workmanship. Myself, I enjoy working single crochet pieces, but the peak of my achievement is the Navajo afghan!! Hope to see more of your work
  7. Actually, I've been looking for a hat pattern in this style! Really,
  8. Weren't they originally used at afternoon tea? On a fine plate with pretty cakes and delicately cut sandwiches. This is the way they were used in my family, no paper doilies or paper napkins! The napkins would always be rolled, held with a napkin ring, folding them in to fancy shapes was considered to be " common" by my dear Grandmother. That was Great Britain, and many years ago. How times change, these days I rip off a piece of kitchen roll to wipe my fingers! I have a drawer full of very old doilies, so I appreciate this thread.
  9. Always have plenty on the go. My problem is, even when the crocheting is done, I tend to put stuff away to "finish" later. As a consequence I might for instance get out a beanie to wear, and there are threads hanging from it, or no pom pom yet attached. I'm sure you get the idea!
  10. Cecelia does seem to be very consistent with dyes. I could rarely buy the same dye lot in Blanc 20 for a tablecloth. I just bought what they had when they had it, even had to send off interstate for some. Could not see a jot of difference. I love your cloth, is it a centrepiece? It is lovely, and I know, represents a lot of work
  11. It is hard to find favourite colours, I wanted a certain colour for a blanket, once i had decided, well, nothing else would do! I ended up buying some nice acrylic from Paradise. The low cost more than compensated for postage. I chose the cheaper postage, rather than guaranteed 2 day delivery, it took about 10 days. I do prefer supporting local shops, but we only have the one! http://www.yarn-paradise.com/yarntag/page/570
  12. Is this it? http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Dishcloths/Little-Starburst-Dishcloth/ct/1
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