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  1. Have you managed to get this right yet?
  2. It is a super cute pattern and I have a very good friend that LOVES owls so I want to do a Afgan for her with the little owl on, before she moves to Australia in October, hope I get it done in time Thank you for clarifying the pattern for me.
  3. Hi there, wonder if you could help with something, I'm trying to do the owl from this sitehttp://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2012/11/owl-granny-square-crochet-pattern.html But since I'm very new to crocheting I'm finding it very difficult to read the instructions I've done all till I come to round 4 where it states Round 4: HDC, in next stitch: DC - TC - DC, SC in next 5, in next stitch: DC - TC - DC,HDC in next, slip stitch to join when it says in the next 5 does that mean all of these DC-TC-DC, SC in one stitch and repeat 5 times or DC in one stitch TC in one stitch etc? Any help will be appreciated Thanks Melinda
  4. Hi There, My name is Melinda I'm a South African Female aged 38, I've started crocheting about 2 months ago and loving it. I have 2 kids one girl age 15 and one boy age 4, quite the age difference right? Been looking for a forum that can support and help me in the process of learning how to crochet, hope this is the one! Melinda
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