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    I am a 30 year old Masters of Information Technology Software Engineering student. I have a BSIT in Software Engineering and an Associates in Visual Communications.

    I am a mommy to 2 small dogs who are 10 years old. I do 12 different crafts with clay buttons being the newest and 12th craft. I mostly prefer to Rag quilt, crochet, and cross stitch.

    I love Star Wars and Comic book movies as well as reading the older Star Wars EU books and the Dragonriders of Pern series.
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    Southern Maryland
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    cross stitch, rag quilting, oil painting,knit socks, reading, web design
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    Student, Webmaster for Graphics by Taz
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    Anything interesting
  1. LOL I had a post it note with my rows count on it and i would mark off the row as I went, but I could not remember if I did row 26 or not....Plus I figured out i was doing my posts wrong. I am a horrible serial starter....
  2. Don't you just hate starting a project and putting it down for over a month and then picking it back up and losing were you were and then having to start over? That's what just happened with this chunky cables decorative throw i was working on!!!!!!! I'm have to start all the way over cause I could not figure out which row I stopped on...plus i think i messed up..... Sigh
  3. Unfortunately the person got this blanket the day before he died
  4. Thanks Ladies. I am starting to being able to read patterns a lot better. But my gauge was way off...
  5. Thank you. I need to tuck the tails..I made started it December 1st and finished it on the 25th...I need a break from it...LOL
  6. I just finished up the biggest crocheted blanket I have ever done in my life. Normally I stick to baby blankets or smaller lapghans. I was really just trying to make a throw but my gauge was WAY off and i stitch loose cause i've never seemed to manage to keep a tight tension. i nicknamed this afghan the Harley Davidson or HD blanket cause my BFF's father likes black and orange cause it reminds him of harley. It was supposed to be a throw but instead it came out to be as big as my parents king size bed top.....
  7. My Grandpa was Air Force and Navy, my Second cousin is Air Force. My mom and dad were both Navy. Yeah it broke my heart to give up Ares. He was such a big ball of fluff. I have issues as well which is why I do online school. I mostly make bath and home items in crochet. Not have gotten into wreaths or silk flowers yet.
  8. I'm from all over. Dad was Navy, I've never really put down roots anywhere. I have been here in Maryland the longest. I rescued a hound mix but had to give him up when i moved as I could only have 2 dogs. Areas was a big boy and would have not played nice with the cats. I have 2 degrees already and hope to one day complete a PhD.
  9. Pt. Lookout was a Union Prison camp for holding Rebels. It's funny my dad was a hardcore southern boy, but reenacts for the union army..lol. My parents rescued 5 cats over the course of 2 years and I already had my two. I want a puppy but we think 7 animals in one house is enough..LOL.. I am trying to get my degrees and certificates so I can work as a programmer. My Grandma was a CNA for 24 years before retiring in 04, she unfortunately passed away in 2010. I go through periods where I switch up my crafts but right now they pretty much seem to be sewing and crocheting.
  10. Thanks. I am hoping within 2 weeks or so to show off this huge granny square I am making
  11. yeah my two are grand dogs too. i have a medical issue so no babies for me. So i give my parents grand dogs
  12. I have an Italian Greyhound.....
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