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    I live in middle Georgia. There are seven people in my family: Mama, David (my brother), Mary (his wife), Emily, Sara, and Beckie (their three girls), and Rusty (my furbuddy). Rusty is an adorable chocolate and tan dachshund who is my furbuddy.
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    knitting, crocheting, gardening, bird watching
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    granny square afghans
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    since high school in the mid-60s.
  1. Hi Ladies, I decided to drop in and say "Hi." I have been wondering what this thread was about. I have seen it several times. The weather was cloudy today and has been all last week. I am currently working on a friendship ghan. I have many squares and right now a few plans to assemble the squares as soon as I have enough. I have an adorable dog who lives with me. I named him Rusty. He is my furbaby. I hope everybody had a nice day.
  2. Kimgoodie, I think that I listed your in the post where I listed all the squares that I have received so far. I am going back in the thread to this post to see if I did list them. I'll let you know here. Update: Kimgoodie, I found the post where I listed squares and yours was not listed as you know (I didn't). I don't have your squares. I thought I did, but that was an old empty envelope I remembered. Sorry. Jeannie
  3. Hi ladies, Rusty and I are fine here. It is cloudy here today. The weather forecast this morning said that we may get rain today. I hope that we do. Latest on chair--I think that I posted that I found a perfect recliner for me when I went shopping online last night. I decided today to call the store to get the price of the recliner. The lady said that she had one and the chair could be delivered to me. (I'm just in the next town.) I asked the price and she told me. I then decided to call my brother and tell him. I did and David was surprised that E. J. and Kertrina didn't come on Saturday like they told him that they would. He said that he would buy me a recliner and so I told him about the one I had found on the Badcock site and he said that he could not order it until Friday because he has meetings scheduled and he is supposed to go to New York tomorrow and I guess he will be back on Thursday. I have sent him the link to the page where the recliner is. He and I have agreed that the recliners that I have had have not held up like they should and so whatever he buys will be durable and of good quality. I came across some interesting info last night while looking at recliners. I found that some of them are not built to support a large framed person or a heavier one. I am not large framed, but I am a kind of heavier person (heavier than 150 anyway). The recliner that I like so much has been tested to 400 pounds of use for everyday use, so this one should hold up. I told David in my e mail that if he couldn't get that one to please get me one that is similiar. Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel now. Hope everybody is having a nice Monday. I have gone through the squares I received so far as queen and I have organized them by size. Jeannie
  4. Katie, I would appreciate it if you could send me links for the joining methods. Thanks for offering. I have decided to sort my squares by sizes. I have several sizes so this will work better than what I had decided to do. I am going to do a shades of afghan at some point. I thought that I might make one for Mama. Her favorite color is pink, so it would be a shades of pink one. Re the problem with the chair--it is finally all settled as far as I'm concerned. Kertrina and E. J. didn't come Saturday to help me. They were supposed to come and work on the footrest of the loveseat so that it would be fixed. They didn't come or call, so I told Rusty that I'd just buy a new chair myself. Last night I went recliner shopping online and I found the perfect chair! I had typed in "durable recliner--easy to operate" and the payment method and I found a link to a Canadian site which is somehow connected to Badcock Furniture. There is a Badcock Furniture in the next town here. I do not have a price yet. You are supposed to call or e mail them and they will send you the price. I have e mailed them. The chair itself looks great! It is an oversized recliner that you can use as an extra bed if you want to, or you can use it a recliner. I was thrilled to find one that I could use as an extra bed. Now I can ask Mama to come and visit or I can have some of my cousins to come and visit and they will have a place to sleep. I had an extra bedroom, but I turned it into an office for myself. The covering of the chair is fabric. I notice that it is now light outside and it is cloudy again today. They forecast rain for us today. I hope that we get some. Jeannie
  5. Hi ladies! I have been reading the posts and I found two who answered my question. I have noticed that I have squares in different sizes, which is all right. It is what I asked for and I wouldn't change a thing. However, this has given me an idea or two for an afghan. I am going to sort the squares by size and see how many I have of each size. I will then make an afghan using all one size. Another idea that came to me when I saw the smaller squares is to maybe make an afghan dog-size for Rusty. I may do this and I may not. I just thought that one would be cute--he would have one and I would have one. Anyway that is my second idea. The third idea is to have an afghan made with different sized squares. I have never done that and I don't know how it will turn out, so I might not do this one. I have decided for the border I want a neutral color. I have some white, also buff (light tan) and other shades of either off white or tan. I will start soon on the afghan or afghans. Then I will update my preferences, because I have a few ideas there. I thought that the next afghan after this or these would be a "shades of" afghan. This is one where I pick a color such as green and ask for shades of green--example light green, medium green and dark greeen or shades of rose--this could have shades of pink leading into rose or even fushia. I am sure that I could come up with more if I thought about it. I will let you know Katie, when I decide to do this. Jeannie
  6. Hi everybody, I would like to ask all of you something that I have been wondering about--what do you do with all the squares that you receive? I know that some of you make them into afghans, but how do you start (how do you know when to start and what size do you make the afghans)? Do you use a neutral color to join or do you try to match the colors of the squares that you join? I know that these are lots of questions, but this is what I have been wondering about. Thanks for helping in advance. Jeannie
  7. Hi Katie, Thanks for your kind words. It seems that Kertrina did not come like she told my brother she was going to. I was sitting in a brown velour recliner, and when I got up this afternoon, the footrest suddenly unlatched and I tried to close it, but it would not close. I sat on the loveseat for awhile and even put the footrest out. It went out correctly, but when I closed up the footrest, it would not lock and this means that it comes out when I start to get up, so I had to sit there until the EMTs came and they finally did, but it was some time before they came and I had decided that they weren't coming, they had been called so much, so I called the information and asked the operator to give me to someone who was not 911 because I didn't think that the 911 guys were coming. She asked me if I had any neighbors who would come. I did but I don't have the numbers. She gave me the number of my next door neighbor. He is vice principal of our elementary school and he is a very nice guy. I told him my problem and I said that I could get up if I had somebody to hold the footrest shut and he said that he'd be over and see if he could help. It seems that he didn't have to, though, because the EMTs came finally and they helped me up and closed the footrests (of the brown recliner and the footrest of the loveseat.) I guess Larry (my neighbor) saw the ambulance as they parked almost in his driveway. Larry was nice to offer help I thought. Re the situation with the chair--I am going to buy a new chair when I can get the money saved. I was just now thinking of contacting my cousin in northeast Georgia. He owns and runs a furniture store and I believe that he would sell me a recliner and ship it here. Only thing is I can't find the website. I did find a link, but it is down. Anyway, I have the e mail address of his wife who works there (also my cousin) and so I will e mail her. I am very surprised at Kertrina's not coming and not getting in touch with me at all. I told Rusty earlier that what Kertrina is doing is to ignore me in the hope that I will stop complaining about the loveseat and just use it. I find it hard to believe that she did not know about the condition of the footrest, but it IS possible that she did not know. However, whether she did or she didn't, she should have come here today like she told David that she was going to do. I also have a call in to a friend of mine who is the chairman of our City Comission. I have known James Colson since he was a little boy delivering medicines to my house and I was a little girl. He can be depended on to do what he says. I asked James if he knew of two men who could haul away a broken loveseat from my house and James told me that right then he couldn't think of anybody, but if he did, he would call me. I have not heard anything from him, but at least he tried and I am grateful to him. It is cloudy and cool here. I did have to turn the heat on for today. How is everybody's weather where you are? Jeannie
  8. Good morning everybody. The chair situation still not taken care off, but maybe getting there. Here is an update. The footrest won't stay locked when it is closed and I can't get the footrest to stay locked when I close it. I have told Kertrina this and she got Pete (her former husband) to come by and see if he could help. He did come by and he was able to close the footrest on one side and get the other footrest on the other side to come out. Then, he was able to close both footrests and they both stayed locked, so I showed him that I could not get the footrest on the right locked and he showed me how to get the footrest to lock and I was able to close the footrest that day and get it to lock. I did this more than one time and I was able to get the footrest to close and to lock but the next day, I could not get the footrest to close and lock. I tried several times, and I have concluded that I am just not strong enough to do this. But then I remember that I was able to close and lock the footrest for one day and I wonder if it's not the footrest itself that's the problem. I think that is the case. Anyway, I got in touch with my brother David and told him what the footrest was doing (remaining open after being closed) and he told me that he would talk with Kertrina and ask her to come here and see what is wrong with the footrest that it won't close and lock. Kertrina and E. J. are both coming this morning to look at the loveseat and to see if they can fix it so that the footrest will close and lock. I do hope so. Also, I have noticed that I need a larger cushion for the loveseat. I slipped off the front end of the cushion the other day and couldn't get up because I was sitting too low so I had to call the EMTs again. I only hope that Kertrina and E. J. can fix that footrest. What it does is to close flat to the front of the loveseat and then it comes forward about 2 inches and stands open. When this happened, I tried several times to push it shut, and I couldn't do that. I pushed on the footrest and it went almost flat but then it hangs when about 1/2 inch open and it will not close and lock. It feels like something is holding it open. I only hope that this problem is solved today after Kertrina and E. J. come. Jeannie
  9. bgs, you were right on the count of your squares. I had miscounted those. You are also right on the colors. I loved these very much. I love all the squares that I received this month. Jeannie
  10. Hi everybody, Now at last what you've all been waiting for--puffy news! I have gone through a lot of the mail (ok, some of it) and I opened the puffies! I love them! Thanks to bgs, Katie, sopo, and C. Short for the lovely squares. bgs, thank you for the nice surprise in the puffy you sent! I love the little towel with the crocheted top. I have needed one of those for a long time. Thanks for crocheting the towel topper and sending it and the towel along with your squares. As it happens, I live in a rural area and my Daddy grew up on a farm, so I like the choice of the towel very much. Would or could you send me the pattern for the towel topper? Please let me know. You can post here or pm--either one. Now for the count of the squares--from sopo 1 blue (2 or 3 inch), 2 light yellow (2 or 3 inch), one white 2 or 3 inch and one white, one pink with light blue center, and one light blue with white center. Now from our Katie I found many small squares. There were 6 and the colors are white (1), light blue (3--2 different shades very pretty), 1 varigated blue and white (lovely) and one varigated pink, white and light blue. Fron bgs I found that adorable towel with the crocheted towel topper and in addition I found many squares. Here's the count of hers--26. Here are the colors: yellow 4, light blue 6, pink 4, light green 5, purple 5, white 1, pink small 2 and three varigated pink, blue and yellow small 3. From C. Short I received a lovely card and some beautiful squares. Here are the colors--one light green with white center (large) and one pink. I loved both of them. There was an extra white which slipped on the floor just now. I love it too whoever sent it. Thanks loads girls!!! I love all these squares and in different sizes too. I like that and I love all of these squares. My humblest apologies for waiting so long to open the puffies and thank you. I won't wait so long again. However, in my defense life got in the way this time. Hope everybody has a nice day today. Jeannie
  11. Hi everybody, I am still working on getting something settled re a place to sit. Re puffies--I do have an interesting puffy from bgs and there are three more puffies. I will post the names tomorrow morning. Thanks to all who pledged squares. I will post a proper thank you to all who sent puffies tomorrow. Thanks for choosing me as your queen. Sorry things went bad here last week and got me offtrack. Hope everyone is well. Katie, it sounds like you will be back to your old self soon. Continue as you are going. Rusty says "yip, yip" (hello in minidachshund). Jeannie
  12. Katie, kimgoodie, and bgs, I could have used that manual. Unfortunately I did not have a clue who made the lift chair. Kertrina did not tell me. Thanks for reminding me about the owner's manuals anyway. That's good to remember. Katie, the lift chair is gone. They replace it with a loveseat. Only problem with that is I can't get up from that without help. bgs, Thanks for the suggestion and the kind words. I am a member of a church, but unfortunately they do not contact me. I do know some Christian people though. Thanks for the kind words everybody. Still working on the problem of the chair.
  13. Well, I am back again. I had hoped to have a surprise for you ladies, but I am the one who got surprised. Now to get you up to date. The chair I posted about is gone. Kertrina (lady who cleans my house and runs errands for me) finally came yesterday afternoon to see what happened. She looked at the chair and tried the hand help control and of couse it did not work. She diagnosed it as "the motor is dead." I don't know, but something didn't work and neither did the chair. Anyway, she said that she'd look for another chair. She said that she had a friend who had a nice recliner and this friend would sell it. She went to the lady's house and called me from there. She told me that the chair was nice and in good condition. She said there was only one thing--the chair was a rocker recliner instead of a rocker. I had had a rocker recliner when I was 30 years old and I had a terrible time getting up out of it then because it wouldn't be still when I started to stand up. I don't want another when I am 66. I said to Kertrina, "Can I say what I think?" She answered, "Yes." I said, "That would be hard to get out of. I don't want that." Kertrina agreed that the rocker recliner was not a good idea and she told me that she was going to another place to look at a recliner there. After awhile, she called me and told me that she had found what she thought was perfect. She said that it was a loveseat and it was green (my favorite color) and it was in good condition and would I want it? I said yes and she told me that she would talk some more to the lady about the price and then she would come to my house with the loveseat. She did come. It was after 6:00 yesterday. She had brought two men with her and they carried the lift chair out and then carried in the loveseat. At the time, I was seated in the other chair in my living room. I was holding Rusty. The men left and I thought that things had turned around and I could finally go through the mail and open those wonderful puffies. That was what I had planned to do this afternoon. However, that was not to be because of another problem that arose. I didn't sit on the loveseat last night. I thought that I would wait until today since I was already set in the chair I was already in. I had cheeseburgers, potato salad, baked beans, and a Coke and Rusty in my lap so I was satisfied. Then it was morning. This morning, I went over to the loveseat and looked at it. I looked especially at the seat and it looked just the right height--neither too low nor too high. I sat down in this seat and I must say it was very comfortable. However, two problems arose shortly thereafter. I solved one. I couldn't get the footrest all the way out. I did press the button and push back on the arm of the loveseat and the footrest came out, but not all the way and it did not lock. I finally accidentally solved the problem. I called Kertrina and left my number. After not being able to get in touch with her as usual, I was fussing to Rusty about the footrest not coming all the way out and I pushed against the back of the loveseat with my back and the footrest came out and locked. I should say that I had tried to close the footrest before this and it had closed, but not all the way so I was fussing to about the stupid footrest. When I pushed at the recliner twice with my back, the footrest came out and it locked. I tried closing it by kicking the footrest and it closed and locked. Problem solved. However, there was another. When trying to get up to go to the kitchen and fix lunch, I discovered that I could not get up from the loveseat. I tried three times. I tried by myself. I tried by using an old walker of mine (broke my right foot in 89), and I tried by putting the small area rug under my feet so they wouldn't slide and I used the walker. I still couldn't get up. I spent the morning and most of the afternoon in that loveseat. I was waiting for Kertrina or her son E.J. to come by and help me up. They never came. I did finally call the EMTs and let them know I needed help getting up and the dispatcher sent the EMTs and now I am up. I think that I am going to have to buy a new chair.
  14. Hi everybody, I have not been able to leave the office much . I will say that I have 4 puffies and as soon as I get something settled about the chair (or a chair), I will leave here and go into another room. The situation here is: the lift chair is out. That was the only chair that I can sit in. There is another chair, but I think that it is too low for me if I remember correctly, and I might not be able to get out of it. I am currently sitting in the office chair that I bought from Office Depot back in 99. I have been working on unloading the yarn from the extra chair in the living room and I am going to be brave after a little while and go and try sitting in it. I think with a cushion in the seat, that I could get up and down, but I don't know. I have had to make two trips to unload all the yarn that was in the chair. I finished that just while ago, but then I saw bugs and so I am back here giving the bugs a chance to leave. I will go back in a little while when I get my breath back. The last trip to the living room, I did bring one of the cushions and I looked at the cushion in the chair and compared it to the lift chair and I believe that I could sit in this second chair with no cushion, but I'm going to put it in anyway in case. When this situation is all over, I will open the puffies. I promise. I am doing my best. How is your day?
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