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  1. Inge Ferns

    Hello I'm from Oregon and my name is Patricia

    I have a star of david knit pattern. I think what I will have to do is redesign into a crochet pattern much like the picture I posted. I have graph paper and I'll have to buy a new set of colored pencils to see if I can come up with the design. Wish me luck and if any of you have feedback on my project please share.
  2. Inge Ferns

    Hello I'm from Oregon and my name is Patricia

    I have a Star of David Design -- my problem is how do I transfer it to graph paper to make sure each stitch is properly placed. I have worked the graph paper over and over again but I'm having trouble. Is there such a thing as an online knit/crochet program? I have even thought of needle point programs to graph the design. I'm just not sure how to get from point A to B and C. Any engineers online who also knit or crochet. My spatial ability is lacking. I have an ex husband who is an EE Engineer but I don't dare ask him.
  3. Inge Ferns

    Hello I'm from Oregon and my name is Patricia

    Thank you for your welcome. Patricia is my middle name and friends and family members call me Ing. I hope someone will pipe in and help me solve my little design dilemma.
  4. Hello Everyone, I normally don't crochet. I knit more than crochet but I am doing a project for a boy who will have his bar mitzvah next year and I found a beautiful crochet afghan pattern. The pattern displays a 8 point star, however I need a 6 point star and I need help redesigning the afghan. I'm not very mechanical and need advise how I can redesign the afghan from a 8 point star afghan to a 6 point star afghan. The star runs throughout the pattern and uses two colors white and blue. I will be using both colors yarns throughout the afghan and the each color will be hidden at various times. I'm not sure I'm explaining myself clearly but if you folks can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. A picture is worth a thousand words so I'm going to upload the afghan design with a 8 point star and remember I need a 6 point star (Star of David) for the bar mitzvah.