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  1. Hi Everyone: For those into amigurumi these cat amigurumi patterns should be worth consideration - very cute and shapely:http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/cat-amigurumi-crochet-patterns.html Enjoy!!
  2. Hi Everyone: If anyone is in need of a variety of baby clothing patterns here are quite a few: Baby Dresses - http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-baby-dresses.html Baby Sets - http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-for-baby-sets.html Baby Bonnets - http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-baby-bonnets.html Baby Booties - http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-baby-booties.html
  3. Hi Everyone: Thought I'd share these free crochet patterns for making bracelets, rings, necklaces and chokers for those that may have been searching for some Bracelets http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-bracelets.html Rings http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-rings.html Necklaces http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-necklaces.html Chokers http://freecrochetpattern.weebly.com/crochet-patterns-chokers.html
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