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  • Birthday 02/09/1978

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    Maine NY
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    crochet, crafts, gardening
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    A little while
  1. Today I will be working on some adorable baby boots with the "fur" look around the top... If I can ever get myself off this computer lol
  2. This scarf is made from good ol acrylic yarn but I added my own touch to it. I made some polymer clay beads for the base of the tassels. I love how it turned out and the colors together are great
  3. I was starting to wonder if there was anyone from Upstate NY here lol but yes im from the endicott area. The town of Maine to be exact. Im a beginner so I would love some classes seeing how im more of a hands on learner
  4. Hey everyone Well yep im new here and also new to crochet which must I say has become the new love of my life lol. Of course there is still a lot to learn so well I guess thats why I stopped by here Cant wait to get to talk with other crochet addicts like myself
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