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  1. Hey Everyone! I recently made the oh-so-popular rainbow set afghan and posted a blog about for Leisure Arts! It's an amazing pattern and I never knew why till I made it. 4 Reasons This Needs to Be Your Next Crochet Project. http://leisureartsblog.blogspot.com/2014/08/4-reasons-this-needs-to-be-your-next.html
  2. Cute! I love the shell stitch around the top.
  3. I wanted to try out this mini bobble stitch so I made a scarf for our little dog. He was so excited!
  4. Cute shoes! way to use creativity to solve a problem
  5. Love that stitch. Great way to use up leftover yarn
  6. Will try! I love the look it has with all the different colors.
  7. Hey crafters! I'm a college student and I just learned to crochet, knook, and knit this summer. I'm hooked . I love seeing what other people are working on, or have finished. It's such a beautiful art.
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