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    Not a granny but definately square.
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    McKinney, Texas
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    crochet and all the stuff that comes with it
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    Radio chick
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  1. Everyone has such great blogs!
  2. I'm so glad to find this thread - I was just about to ask for patterns on this.
  3. My first foray into button making: Anyone else new to this adventure?
  4. This is good stuff. I just started into the world of "button making" myself.
  5. I used blogdrive for so many blogs but thought, for my blog, I would try blogger. Now, with all the cool stuff I have heard about WP (my inner computer geek is geeking), I kinda' wish I went that route instead.. But - blogger will probably end up being great as I spend more time on my HTML stuff.
  6. Your blog is nice and your projects are beautiful!
  7. I know where that coffee shop is! What time do you guys meet on Wednesdays?
  8. I would like to hear more about the group too. That sounds like fun.
  9. notagranny


    Thanks so much. I sure wish they still had them at Hobby Lobby.
  10. I like michaels because they have a good variety of fibers to choose from without blowing a budget.
  11. afghans.. I love them... all kinds... mostly granny square
  12. It was my mama. She crochets all the time. I would always see her on the couch with an afghan being made for someone.
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