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    Just an Aussie crocheter and sewer.
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    Pacific Palms, NSW, Australia
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    sewing, crochet, cooking, gardening
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    self employed - websites
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  1. Ah ha! I got the translation to work by using IE instead of Firefox. Thanks everyone - I think I'll print it out and give it a try. It is a lovely pattern!
  2. Normally Google offers to translate but not for this page - the link wasn't even there. When I went to the Google Translate page it didn't list Russian unfortunately.
  3. Hi - I am new here so hopefully I have posted in the right section. I have found a beautiful crochet pattern onlnine, however it is in Russian. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is an English translation available, or whether anyone who speaks Russian could translate. The pattern is here: http://www.1001uzor.com/crochet/youth/sweater02_06.html Thanks DIane
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