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  1. It's because they are still in beta testing. What happened was they invited people to help test out the site, but way more people than they could handle at once wanted to help so they created the waiting list. Once they are out of testing there will be no waiting list and you won't even need to login to browse the site.
  2. The store locator is working again and I can print coupons, but I missed out on a 50% coupon. It was for Sunday and Monday only. grrrrr. I don't like that the ad and coupon are pdfs now. It takes longer to load and I am totally impatient.
  3. Early I was able to use the store locator to get to the weekly ad and coupon but now I can't. They maybe still working on the site or at least lets hope so.
  4. Well, ravelry can probably explain themselves better so go: http://www.ravelry.com/tour/peek and http://www.ravelry.com/about
  5. I'm fond of dark chocolate in general. One that I LOVE has cinnamon(sp?) and dried chiles so that it's spicy and sweet and just delicious! I know that it sounds weird but it's really good. It's also $7 a bar so I rarely can justify buying it.
  6. My pet peeve is when yarn has the knitting gauge but no crochet gauge....grrrrrr
  7. You are an evil, evil man. Actually I did finish the sweater I was working on so YAY! Now all those other things I said I would do.....
  8. I don't know if you use all the crafts I mention but here are some ideas: sew, lace, doily, stitch, wool, cotton, fabric, quilt, clothes, paint, stencil:P, creative, imagine, handcrafted, love, skill, accomplishment, content, productive, design, useful, beautiful, yarn (I know you already have that one but who doesn't need more yarn?)
  9. I go with every intention on following a pattern but I can only thing of one that I followed completely. Generally I just make small changes like the size of a border or number of rows, decreases, or increases.
  10. Both. At first I just bought a few skeins of a bunch of different yarns to try them out. Now I usually buy with a project in mind though I still will try out a skein of yarn occasionally. Sometimes I am tempted by yarn sales but if I can't fathom how I could use the yarn then I don't get it.
  11. I learned crochet and knit about the same time from books and websites. I found crochet was easier for me to learn but it didn't take me that much longer to learn knitting. One thing about using websites is to remember that there is alot of different ways to knit so websites may show slightly different ways to make a knit or purl stitch. This kind of threw me off at first. I knew about Continental and English but there is more than that ( I think someone here mentioned Combination). Knitting Help is a good website as it tells you about at least three different ways to knit. Knitting does go slower than crochet since you get a smaller stitch (than a single crochet) when comparing equalivant size needles and hooks. Also whether knitting or crochet will hurt your hands more will depend on your style and how tight you knit or crochet. For me right now I probably like knit and crochet about equally.
  12. I can't answer that question because I don't make afghans and I only make wearables for myself which I have only started doing. I would be willing to make a scarf out of the nice stuff for someone else though since a scarf does not need alot of cleaning and doesn't get alot of wear either.
  13. I knit and crochet so hearing things like this always annoy me. I have found that I don't like working with 100% acrylic most of the time (though I may have found one that I like and will be trying soon). Just the way I am, but I have work with many blends that include acrylic and it doesn't bother me. In fact, out of the 4 wearables I am making (2 knit, 2 crochet) all of the yarns have some amount acrylic in it. Also if you go to knitting blogs (where people actually knit), I think you will find more people using acrylic then you might think. They are not as loud as acrylic-haters, but they are there none the less. I would like to end saying this: I like alpaca better than wool so there.:lol
  14. Mr. D'oyley is credited with creating the doily. So there ya go.
  15. Sometimes I can crochet or knit for hourse but usually I average about 30 minutes at a time.
  16. I have lots of wips but only two ufos. One is a sweater and almost done with it. Pretty much all that is let is seaming it up which I despise! The other is a fingerless glove that I made free handed but I didn't write the pattern down so it makes finishing (really starting) the other glove difficult. lol. I guess I could try counting the rows and stitches but I really don't want to. Did I mention that it was made with black yarn? The sweater will be finished even if it costs me my sanity! The mateless glove, well, maybe I'll start over and this time write down what I actually did so I can make a second!
  17. Actually two of my crafty resolutions are 1) use stash 2) inventory stash. The first one has gotten alot easier because I'm almost completely broke now (compare to the sort of broke I was a few months ago:P). Inventory stash will take more effort because of course I will have to put it all in a database with as much info on each yarn as I can think about. Can't just make a simple spreadsheet. That would make things easy.
  18. I thought I had maybe 5 or 6 wips but when I counted it was 13. That does include other crafts though. Not sure if that makes it better or worse....
  19. Your ears are used for balance so anything wrong with your ears could cause vertigo and earaches.
  20. Yes, it may take a little while. I think no more than an hour.
  21. I will seam that poor white sweater that I got mad at because I can't think of a way to seam it without it looking bulking since it's a lacy pattern.
  22. There are sooo many yarns that I haven't tried yet so it's hard not to buy more, but I already have sooo many projects that I need to finish. When I think about that and how poor I am then I can (usually) control myself.
  23. Forbidden skein love! :bheart:yarn It's a heartwarming story or maybe a toe warming story if you're making socks or slippers.:slipper:slipper
  24. I only have one to-go project and I'm almost finished with it. My other 4 projects are too big (2 wraps, a bag attached to 2 good sized skiens, and a knitting project that is attached to 2 large skiens) so they don't travel well in my bookbag. I guess that means I'm going to have to start a new project soon.
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