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  1. Very pretty. will try it later if that's ok, I gotta get my shawl and hubby's bear finished.
  2. I've been really good, and don't usually have WIP, but due the market man having a holiday, I'm waiting on wool for my Tunisian rainbow jacket, only have one sleeve finished. and the Seraphina shawl to start. and hubby's bear to finish. just the limbs to do for that. so if that's enough I'd love to join. lol
  3. I'm 50, 51 this year, and I've been crocheting since I was 16. a neighbour taught me. then I taught my mum and sister. Only myself and my sister still crochets. she makes amazing blankets. mum doesn't have time looking after dad.
  4. I'm waiting on wool to continue my Tunisian crochet adult jacket. the market man is away on holiday. so I've been doing other stuff. But I usually have only one thing going. I like to get it done and finished, so I can start on the next one. and I am always thinking of my next project while still doing the one I'm working on.
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