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  1. crocheted in dk marble, self variegated. I love this wool. lol Thank you ladies.
  2. Oveja, free patterns from Ravelry. I also made the Seraphina shawl, but I can't find my pic. will take a new one tomorrow.
  3. she would make a lovely little girls mermaid dolly. very cute and wonderful colours. well done.
  4. billynomates


    Oh wow his gorgeous, so so cute. love his bright colours.
  5. Very nice nannyB. I love the colours.
  6. Excellent for storing wool. mind you if you make too many you'll have no stash to put in them
  7. Tampa a little one wouldn't be able to lift him lol. and he belongs to my hubby, he has mild Asperger's and loves stuffies.and my little ones are now adults. and my gkids live a long way away.
  8. Becca he was easy, except for the joining, someone mentioned and gave me a link for crocheting it backwards and forwards while still joining, which I did for the legs and arms. But I wouldn't be crocheting a striped one again, far to fiddly, next time I'd knit one. There is an all in one knitted bear I want to do. and there are far more easy crochet bears than this one to do. have you tried these http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/berry-the-tiny-bear these are a lot of fun. and there's the crochet owls I want to do http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/easy-crochet-owl These would be a great start to making toys, Ravelry has hundreds of free patterns for toys. Thank you ladies, I wont be making another one, so this truly is one of a kind.
  9. billynomates

    Bruno the bear

    From the pattern book Patchwork family. I used the Creative cotton recommended by the pattern. If I made him again I would make his body smaller, though he would make a great door stop. I filled his body with plastic pellets in two pop socks and the rest with fibre fill
  10. wow that is beautiful, I never thought about felting my Tunisian crochet. do you have a pattern for this?? it is wonderful. well done.
  11. very pretty and I bet very warm to, great for the winter.
  12. I love these, very pretty. is the pattern on ravelry??
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