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  1. this vid on basketweave helped me when learning front and back post stiches, skip to about 4 mins and enjoy x
  2. welcome from southampton uk for a long time ago - hehe I wanna see this afghan!
  3. hullo and welcome from southampton uk, I am not even going to begin on how to crochet a circle because it is much easier than you might think to read patterns - and is almost impossible for a beginner to crochet without this skill (well it was for me anyway). I appreciate you do not think you have the patience to learn this but neither did I when i was starting out. If you stick to making smaller things from patterns there is a lot less counting to do - which you might prefer. Almost every crochet book has a section on how to read patterns. I watched a couple of videos on youtube on how to read patterns then referred to a book and quickly learnt. heres some basic abbreviation meanings: ch - chain sc - single crochet dc - double crochet tr - treble dtr - double treble trtr - triple treble st - stitch sk - skip If you google "how to crochet a circle" you'll find loads of help. - or you could go on youtube and watch through the video then you dont have to do any counting... Hope this has helped
  4. i worked in the pat with 81 sts, didnt look right, so im just making one up now haha, thanks anyway guys
  5. thanks everyoneee, and skoggy it would be better if there was a beach! hehe
  6. to be honest - i try for a day or two then give up and put it in my "for later"/"ran outta yarn" pile however my problem is that this pile is HUGE haha, im tryin to work my way through it.
  7. It means the row that you were working 2 rows previously. if you give a pattern ill try explain exactly what you have to do
  8. I agree with what has already been said. It looks like you are crocheting a bit looser at the ends of the rows - Im not surprised considering you have been cutting the yarn at the ends and this gives it a chance to loosen. Keep the ball attached to the work when you change colour as you can work it back in at any point. This can probably be fixed easily by giving a border to your work when the main body is finished, even if its a simple border of single crochets "Working it in" means crocheting the yarn into your project
  9. I wonder if there is an expert that could help me decipher a pattern for a hood to add to a jumper I have made. I would be sooo soo so greatful and I apoligise that this is one of the first things I have posted I am getting a bit confused by the term "work rows even" - I know it means work the pattern as established - but I cant figure out what this is I am making it in a size 2/3XL. I have got as far as when it says "work 13 (14-15-17-17-18) rows even" Here is the pattern: SIZES: To fit bust measurement: XS/S (M-L-XL-2/3XL-4/5XL) HOOD Ch 98. Proceed in pat as given for Back for 4 (5- 6-7-7-8) rows. 97 sts. Next 5 rows: Ch 1. Sc2tog over first 2 sts. Pat to last 2 sts. Sc2tog over last 2 sts. Turn. Next row: Ch 1. Pat to end of row. Turn. Next 3 rows: Ch 1. Sc2tog over first 2 sts. Pat to last 2 sts. Sc2tog over last 2 sts. Turn. 81 sts at end of last row. Work 13 (14-15-17-17-18) rows even. Place marker at each end of last row. Shape back: Next 8 rows: Sl st in each of first 3 sts. Pat to last 3 sts. Turn. Leave rem sts unworked. 33 sts at end of last row. Fasten off. Fold Hood in half, matching markers. Sew back seam from fold to markers Thanks so much for any help at all
  10. Hi guys, I came on to get a bit of help with something but obv polite to introduce myself and my crochet adventures. my friend got me into crochet when she was doing her textiles degree about a year ago. after her failed attempt to teach me; I took matters into my own hands and learnt via a couple of videos on youtube. I love making clothes mainly, my favourite crochet designer is definatley doris chan. and as a hospital worker, when it gets quiet on my night shifts i get a chance to get my crochet out, i love how easy it is to just keep it in my handbag and get out on trains etc
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