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  1. That's exactly where my mother got my name from Katy. She was obsessed with the soaps, Erica Cane being her favorite...lol !!! She named me Erica and added Kayne for my nickname... and the name stuck with me
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Erica and I'm from NC. A couple years back I created a bucket list and began crossing things off one by one. It took me a while to figure out how to form a chain (lol) but once I caught on I haven't been able to put my hood down... a year later and I'm still learning and in love with creating new things Crocheting is a gift that keeps on giving! I'm currently working on a puff shell stitch baby blanket and I was trying to figure out if I should add a border (to add or not to add...lol) My question to those who have completed a Puff stitch afghan... What kind of border would you suggest I use ? (im going to post a picture of it below) Also you can find me on fb @ Erica Kayne's Crochet & Designs (looking forward to connecting with you all !!!)
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