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  1. i will try to dig out my airbrush 2moro and i will let you know how it goes
  2. so ive been looking at pics of amigurumi trying to figure out why some of them just look so amazing. ive come to the conclusion that its because they have rosy cheeks or other spots of color . how do you get this color and how does it affect washing? im sure there are many different techniques but i was wondering about airbrushing. recently i saw a video on how to dye acrylic yarn with acrylic paint. you have to use a lot of paint because most of it washes out but it can be done. so now im playing around with ideas on how to do it. i will dig out my airbrush and test on a swatch and see what i come up with. what do you all think?
  3. even if it is knit thats ok. i'm just looking for something similar.
  4. it looks like half double crochet in the back loops.
  5. its a fun stitch to work with but quite a pain to learn lol. i've watched multiple videos and read many patterns and they are ALL different so i figured out my own way. i plan on making my own video soon.
  6. i had a full pic but i cant find it now oh well i guess i will just try out a few and see if i can get close
  7. hi i wanted to make this stitch but im not sure what kind it is. anything is helpful thanks it almost looks like a star stitch?
  8. anyone know what this stitch is and a good tutorial to do it? thanks
  9. i love making a lot of things. mainly stuffed things lol. i make a bunch of character copyright stuff...i need to stop doing that. I try to make as much different stuff as i can, dolls, hats, swiffer covers, purses, clothing, toilet paper covers. i want to make everything...but theres no way im going to make a blanket. too much yarn, too much time, too repetitive and boring for me.
  10. I am looking for some good holiday patterns including halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas. i'm open to anything! doilies, hats, baby stuff, clothing, decor, whatever. i'm trying to make a name for myself and i have a craft show coming up in september and i really want to show my range and what i can do. thanks!!!
  11. thats actually a really good idea. i just need to find some cheap flip flops. thanks
  12. thank you. i'm hoping to find some cheap ones online
  13. i really want to crochet some shoes but i can't find where to buy soles for the bottom. anyone know where i can get these?
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