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    currently hooked on socks
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  1. Hi All, Just an FYI the Hancock fabrics in Manchester is going out of business and all of their lion brand is on sale!
  2. New Yarn store! Where exactly in coventry. I live in Manchester, but I work at UCONN, so Coventry is right in between!
  3. There is a very small shop in Vernon, exit 67 off of I-84. I think it's called fiber arts something or other. She carries all of the Debbie Bliss, alot of plymoth encore and a bunch of other stuff. I've only been there once, but the owner was very nice and very pleasant to talk with. Most of the patterns were knitting but she spent quite a bit of time with me pulling out some crochet ones for me.
  4. Mine came yesterday...finally! I love the book, I didn't notice any missing pages, but I didn't go through that carefully. One problem though is i that some of the pages are stuck together near the binding, and when I opened it all the way I cracked the glue strip of the binding itself, so now a couple of the pages might fall out if I'm not careful. I had it for like 5 minutes and "crack". My husband looked over and said, "Did you just break your brand new book?". I got a good laugh, but I'm mildly annoyed.
  5. I'm a righty and in Manchester too! I would like to meet more crocheters too. Any thoughts on were or when? Have either of you been to that little coffee shop on Main street? I was walking down there the other day and it looked cute. I don't know what it is called though. There's also a yarn store in Vernon just a little one, but the owner is nice maybe she'd let us meet there. Ok, really I have too full of a plate to plan. Just throwing out ideas, if someone comes up with something concrete I'm in....
  6. AGGGH. I still don't have mine from Amazon! I went just now to cancel it because it seems I can get it somewhere else faster from what you guys are saying, now it says "We are preparing these items for shipment and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed." It better get here soon!
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I did a second rinse with some woolite and some color came off, so I think that I didn't rinse enough the first time! Now I know better. No more rotton eggs here just hand-dyed goodness. I'm working up the first square now and I'm very happy with it. Thanks again!
  8. Long story short: I need orange yarn for a project to decorate the tables at my sister's wedding and she couldn't find a color she was happy with so I attempted dying some. I did the first hank last night. I had so much fun I can easily get addicted to this. I used Gaywool dye and followed all the directions and now it's almost dry, it's orange like she wants. But it stinks. I mean literally it has an odor. Not like wet sheep, but sulfur/rotton eggs, which in my opinion is much worse. I smelled the same smell when boiling last night, so I assume it's from the dye. The water ran clear when I rinsed it, but should I rinse it again? Any advise about how to rinse it, could I have done something wrong? Thanks in advance
  9. Just to throw in my two cents. I preordered it from amazon in october and my account still says "not yet shipped" but the expected delivery date is "February 13th to 17th". I'm waiting patiently.
  10. I'm so glad that Jessi got her roving in time for her class! I took a trip to Webs and had fun shopping for pretty roving, I don't spin so that was a whole new experience for me! I got my package from Madelyn (mscrocheter) on Thursday after a particularly long day. It was the absolute perfect pick me up. I came home tired and just before I was about to go to sleep my husband said, "oh yea, you got a package today". I was so excited to see it was from KnitPicks. I was like Christmas. Here's the low down. 4 balls Wool of the Andes in Maple Syrup 4 balls Merino Style in Dusk...this blue is beautiful 2 hanks Memories in Yukon, my favorite colors and appropriatly named since I attend UCONN in connecticut! 2 balls Sock Gargen in Pansy. Now I just have to decide what to make. Definitely a pair of socks...maybe some gloves...a bag to felt...mittens...a scarf....oh the possibilities!!! Thanks so much, this was super fun swap.
  11. Hi all, does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a peacock, not 3d, but flat. Like the filet one here, but without the filet, that is just the peacock shape so that it could be appliqued onto a piece?
  12. I bought mine in AC Moore a while back...maybe august or september. At first I loved it and started a project from it, so did a friend. We've both had some serious issues with the directions, so as great at the patterns are, I'm pretty dissappointed with the publication on the whole. I actually wrote a complaint letter about the pattern I'm using and I'm hoping to hear a response!
  13. ahiscox

    FCEC Hoodie help

    unfortunately that crochet along is for a different hoodie. I'm working on the one from family circle. Not interweave...anybody else working on that one?
  14. ahiscox

    FCEC Hoodie help

    Has anyone else made this pattern from the Fall/Winter 2005 issue. It's the green hoodie on page 22. I'm going along fine, but I'm a bit confused about the instructions for the sleeves. It says "work a full shell at beg and end of row instead of a half shell. Work even in pattern for five rows". I can work the full shell, that's not a problem, but I can't quite figure out how to make the next row so the increase holds. If anyone has done this an can explain I'd love the help. I'm very dissappointed with these instructions so far and will think twice about buying this publication again!
  15. I also just wanted to thank jess for her hard work and great organization of a great swap!
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