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  1. I'm so glad it turned out so nice for you!! Again, I love the colors that you did it in, it really makes that hat stand out a lot better! Thank you for testing it for me!
  2. Wow, that is some dress. I'm not so sure about that sleeve, it could have been cuter without a sleeve and just that one strap. Now the question is did she make it herself??
  3. Hazlecreek

    Halloween Throw

    Oh I love it. This makes me want to lean how to do tunisian crochet! Thanks for posting the link for the pattern. Shelly
  4. That is way too cute and I've got some babies that would love this!! Thanks for the pattern!!
  5. That is stunning! I love fall colors and this makes me ready for the season's to change!
  6. I've written a few patterns, but this is the first time I have ask to have one tested. It is in PDF format and I will email it to you so please PM me with your info. I would like to have people who have tested patterns before and know what to look for as far as writing, understanding and typo's are concerned. This hat is fairly quick to make so I would like to have feedback no later then Sept 22. I would like to see pictures of you FO's. I think that's all. Link to finished hat is here.
  7. I copied this after the hat that Bella wears in the movie Twilight. I hated the hat when I saw it, but after a while it grew on me, so I just had to make one. I have the pattern written up and will offer it as a free pattern on here once I get it tested. I used WW wool and an I hook and a very up close picture from the movie. Shelly
  8. Thank you so much everyone!! I want to make it easy to read and not confuse anyone in the process.
  9. I guess I'm even having trouble explaining it, I'm sorry to those that tried to help, and a very big thank you. It should read: Chain 66, sl st into fist ch to make a ring, ch two then crochet into the opposite side of the chain. ie the back hump. I'm looking for the proper way to explain it, either by the correct name of the technique, or by with proper wording. It isn't a technique used often and have no reference that I can find to help. Thanks again to all that help!
  10. I'm trying to write out a pattern, I want to word it so that they crochet in the back loop of the foundation ch. What is this technique called?? I would be grateful for any help!
  11. Thank you Ladies, you all have helped my ego a lot! I going to try to go up to a local crochet/knitting meeting tonight and show it off to the ladies there. To all the ones that said they would love to make one, PLEASE do it and let me see your beautiful creations! I would love to feature them on my blog!
  12. This is beautiful!! I would love pattern info to if possible.
  13. Thank you everyone again! Kittyloverdeb the variegated yarn is call Pinata by Red Heart. I bought it several years ago so I'm not sure they still carry it.
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