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  1. so here's pic of my son wearing the hat before I mailed it off to my sister
  2. Just finished one of these it is the cutest thing EVER I am sending to my sister who was rather upset when her son wieghted 11 pounds at birth and was unable to fit the bear hat I made for him ....she is going to be sooooooooo excited when she gets this in the mail
  3. yeh this would be my 1st graph ....but I have never been one to take the e-z road:lol
  4. Ok I am preg-o and my baby will be half Haitian so I want to do a graph gan of the Haitian flag for the new grandma to tote baby around with however I don't know if this is too detailed of a project to turn out well opinions plz http://www.meccaakagrimo.com/shop/haitianflag.jpg
  5. Congrat and welcome to the club I am 9 weeks pregnant...I roke down and actually brought the pattern book "A year of baby afghans Book 4" there are alot of unisex blankets in thier and I jusst made the noah's ark ghan for my best friend who is due in Feb (sorry not good at links but I did post a pic of the noah's ark one on here)
  6. I love the one on the "crochet me" web site it works up fast and is pretty but not lacey andVERY warm used it as a coat last winter in Michigan
  7. LOL being the true crafty lady I am i taught my self the wrap knot not as fancy as your handles but still cute
  8. Ok still lno handles but finished for the most part ....Added a button for closure and whipped up a wallet
  9. Ok I have finished the body of the bag (except for the edging at the to) and to my horror I realized that I have no idea how to macrame HELP!!!!!!!!!!! my bag needs handles
  10. U should it's really fun and the blanket part works up MUCH faster than I thought it would and I jus found out I am "in the baby way" so I mite be starting another one soon and I would love to see other color combos (I have had a couple early miscarriages so keep me and the un-named squirt in your prayers)
  11. Here it is it worked up pretty fast faster than I thought she not due till Feb guess I'll get to work on sweaters and booties:think
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