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  1. Linda65

    Ran out of yarn

    Couldn't find original post
  2. I feel the same. Have fun Linda
  3. Boy was that spelled badly. I'm sick of spending hrs looking for patterns. Thought maybe someone would have an idea for an easy crochet slouchy hat. Linda
  4. That sounded dumb. I meant I was looking for fingerless mitts with maybeca partial thumb
  5. I scrolled down and found 2 patterns for no sew Fingerless mittens but both had fingers Linda
  6. Reni c Do you know which group it is under
  7. I found that erins fingerless gloved and vannas are pretty easy. If you belong to JP Patterns she has my fav with a partial thumb
  8. Thank you everyone! I think I found one. Now I just hope I can learn how to use this forum Linda
  9. I have looked everywhere for a simple crochet stocking hat with rolled up brim. Help! Linda65
  10. I'm sorry bushy st does same and I licensor way it angles. Thx
  11. The bushy stitch is much the same as crazy stitch. Try this for sample make a ch of 3& 1 will give 5 clusters try ch of 16. Make 2 dc in 4th ch from hook skip 2 ch then do sc,2ch and 2dc in sake place repeat with missive ch and do thisvagain. After all rows make 1 ch into 2 ch st in first cluster makec1sc,2ch,and 2dc u can do 4 dc but I like this
  12. It is kind of a reverse crazyvstitch. Instead of 3 dc then sc you do a sc ch 2 then 2 dc. It is my favorite. I can no longer find it under bella online just was fortunate to make a few copies.I would post pic but dOnt know how yet. Itnis a little more angled, pretty then the crazyvstitch
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