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  1. Haven't been to Crochetville in a while and thought that I should update my *intro* post.... I now have NINE children LOL The oldest has moved out so there are only 8 at home. Here at home we currently have: daughter, 20 daughter, 16, a Junior in high school son, 13, in 7th grade son, 11, in 6th grade son, 9, 4th grade son, 6, 1st grade son, 4, PreK and daughter, age 3 months I no longer home-school. In 2008, after the birth of our 4 yr old, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. That has limited my crocheting a LOT. Because of the RA, we decided it best to put the children into public school. This is our third year. I am trying to carve out time to sit and crochet as my fingers will allow. I have a few WIPs that have been hanging around for YEARS. I am determined to finish something!!! Nice to be back.
  2. Unless of course you are Eastern Orthodox LOL then Easter (or Pascha as we call it) is the first full moon after Passover. So for those of us who go to Eastern Orthodox Churches --our Easter is April 27th. Some years we fall on the same day as Western Easter; some yrs we are the next week after...this yr we happen to be full month after. All that to say, I get a full extra month to do my Easter stuff. And I get to get Easter goodies on big time clearance.
  3. Greetings from just down the road a piece in Savannah!!
  4. Welcome from another SouthEast GA girl---although we are Gator fans in this house. LOL
  5. I wonder if you could do just do the turkey sq and make pillows or something. That might not be too bad, ya think?
  6. I have an ornament exchange at church so I need to get busy. I found some in a book--but the book is in the other room right now so I don't remember what it is called. (Pregnant brain and body will not allow me to get up and see at this moment. LOL) Last yr my 2 daughters and I also made "quilted" ornaments with stryofoam balls and lots of little pins. LOL We might do some of those this yr. I just know that all that thread I got from the one grab bag sale is going to come in handy!
  7. We are Greek Orthodox and it would be very difficult to crochet during the service. I also think that if some of the yia-yias have a problem with crossed legs in church, they would definately say something about crocheting LOL I do take a project with my when I have nursery duty. Or if my children have Greek dancing practice. I agree with what many others said about not taking anything your first time but getting a feel for it first.
  8. Oh yeah nursing pads would be great. I am expecting number 8 (due in April). I totally agree about the headband. I have waist length hair and by the end of labor it is terrible. What about a kind of head-scarf/bandana that could be worn while in the hospital so you don't scare visitors??? LOL I actually sew my slings. I need to make a few new ones since mine are somewhat ragged out. You know what else would be nice?? A little caddy type thing (I always use a pretty basket) but I stick in it: a few diapers, pack of wet wipes, change of clothes for baby, alcohol for cord, snot sucker, nursing pads, pads of me. This is what I carry with me from room to room those first few weeks. I keep it next to the couch so that everything is right there when I need it. I also love your idesa for a toiletry organizer!! If I think of anything, will post. But I think you did great with your list.
  9. I finished my first bed doll today. This one is for my neice who was born July 6th. I am happy with how she turned out! She is a 13 inch doll. In the pics she is standing on my dining room table. http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=strebekah&nextdate=7%2f18%2f2007+23%3a59%3a59.999 Pictures are posted on my blog--linked below.
  10. Thank you to the Elf in Canada who sent 2 dish cloths this morning!! One of which my almost 2yo is wearing on his head. LOL They are lovely and I love the colors. Thanks!!
  11. Thank you to the NJ elf who sent a kit to make kittys!! They are so cute. I cannot wait to get started!! Hmmm, if we head to Florida next week this might be a good project for in the car. Thanks again!!
  12. Need to make room for crochet stuff. I can do paypal or MO. Prices do not include shipping. SOLDClassic Cross-stitch by Herrschners January 1990 issue. 75 cents This is counted cross stitch patterns. Lots of patterns. Would be good for someone learning. contains: Quilt Blocks hearts; classic hearts; silver bells; build a church with cross stitch; botanical collection; Persian table runner; antique bookmarks; wedding album; gift bag SOLDJune Grigg presents Always Amanda 50 cents Set of 4 cross-stitch patterns. Same girl figure in different seasonal settings: fall, spring, summer, winter SOLDSomething Special: Wearables to Cross stitch 75 cents aprons, scarf, hat, purse, sweaterbibs, onesies, finger towels SOLDClassic Alphabets by Herrschners free 12 different alphabet patterns to cross stitch SOLDCross-stitch and Country Crafts magazine March/April 1996 75 cents lots of patterns including some for Easter SOLDThe Cross Stitcher magazine February 1996 75 cents Over 20 project charts SOLDCross Stitch magazine Number 10 75 cents PA dutch decor; Early Spring Bulbs; Heirloom afghan; Forget me Not bouquet SOLDPrecious Moments pattern books $3/each These are large prints when complete. They are not for a beginner. Counted cross-stitch First one has: Hello Lord, It's Me Again No Other Eggs-actly Loads of Love (holding lots of laundry) I Believe in Miracles Peace Amid the Storms God is Love Put on a Happy Face Grandpa rejoicing with you Jesus is Lord It's What's Inside that Counts When In the Mirror of His Love Love Cannot Break True Friendship Press On Friends are a Gift Let the Whole World Know Dad God Loveth a Cheerful Giver Second Book: This is the Day the Lord Hath Made This is My Father's World Memories are Made of This Than You Lord for Special Friends My World is Buzzing With Delight Life Can Be a picnic Celebrate Our Freedom Let's Pool Our Resources Lord Help Us Do Our Very Best Take Time OUt With Special Friends Thank You Lord for Everything Love is the Greatest of All Third Book is a wedding book. Patterns for bride and groom and wedding party. Also ring bearers pillow and family tree. SOLDA Merry Mouse Book of Nursery Rhymes 75 cents 18 counted cross stitch patterns of nursery rhymes with mice in little country outfits. ~~~~~~ Simply Handmade: 365 Easy Gifts and Decorations you can make $5 Hardbound; excellant condition Crafts for every season Sew and Go Baby $3 A collection of practical baby gear projects. 30 inexpensive and time-saving designs Projects include: cloth diapers; diaper bags; burp rags; clothes; slings; bibs; travel high chair; car seat pad; quilt play tote; and more Book of Garden Wisdom $3 hardbound; excellant A fully illustrated, informative and delightful collection of gardening advice and tips from the pages of The Old Farmer's Almanac PM here or email me at strebekah@bellsouth.net Thanks for looking!! Thanks for buying!!!
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