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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome! And I actually just finished my Octopus I started yesterday! For my first project, I'm very proud of how well he came out! I'm a bit of a cephalopod nut so I altered it slightly to look more accurate. I added the two small chains to show the ridge above the eye and I refused to use eye buttons with circular pupils. So, I made my own buttons out of polymer clay and I'm quite happy with the finished project! I also must say, I think this was a great beginner project. The tentacles had nice continuous sets of slip stitches, singles, half doubles, doubles, and trebles so I got enough practice to memorize the stitches. All in all, a lot of fun and I'm so happy I picked up this craft! Knitting is nice and relaxing, but for a quick project crocheting is great!
  2. That's what my mother assumed. The wording just seemed slightly strange. Thank you!
  3. Heres the part of the pattern I'm working on. I am up to row 12 R1: 8 sc in round. 8 sts R2: (inc) 8 times. 16 sts R3: (inc, sc) 8 times 24 sts R4-11: sc in each st around 24 sts R12: (dec, sc over the next 4 sts) 4 times 20 sts R13: (dec, sc over the next 3 sts) 4 times 16 sts R14: (dec, sc over the next 2 sts) 4 times 12 sts R15: (dec, sc) 4 times 8 sts
  4. I've been telling myself I'll learn to crochet for years, but i only just got around to it yesterday. And I'm finding that I quite enjoy it! I'll admit, I take on big projects early on but I know I can do it!! I'm working currently on a 2000 square blanket of a pixelated character for my friend and a very lovely octopus for myself~
  5. I admit I'm a bit new to crocheting, but the internet has been able to help me a lot! However, this set of stitches has me totally stumped and nothing I do seems to be right. Help if you can!
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