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  1. Un-stuff and re-stuff seems like a good idea. I hope you still have the same color threads, otherwise invisible threads work great to resew the seams after re-stuffing with polyfill.
  2. I make a hook case using iron-on fabric stitchers (the kind used to mend hems). Since I don't know how to work the sewing machine and it takes me forever to hand stitch, this fabric mender thing works very well and fast too.
  3. Oops, I haven't been here for a while so I didn't know you asked me a question. Caron Perfect Match is very sturdy, I used it to make a blanket and it does fine in the washing machine. RH soft is fabulous, it's way better than Caron simply soft, no pill at all. Plus it has a nice sheen that I love in acrylic yarn.
  4. After some years crocheting, I still buy yarns from the craft store instead of the LYS because they're cheaper. So far here are my findings: -RH Super Saver: not soft, Caron Perfect Match: softer -Caron Simply Soft: pills like mad although looks and feels so beautiful. -RH Soft yarn: good substitute for Caron SS, a bit more expensive but doesn't pill. Also it's a true worsted weight yarn, not a sport weight (SS) dressed as a worsted. -Bernat Softee Chunky: feels like Caron SS but chunkier, does not pill. Good for baby jackets (BICO) and afghans -Most stuff from Bernat and Patons are good, I highly recommend them. However, they are quite expensive -Lion brand: ignore Homespun, it's not worth your money. Please buy Wool-ease, it's soft and machine-washable
  5. I think you should try baking powder: put all your yarn in a brown paper bag, sprinkle baking powder all over them generously, shake shake shake, then take them out of the bag. Repeat if they still stink. I know it's the trick shop keepers use with teddy bears and it really cleans. You should try it because the ingredients in baking powder are natural and biodegradable. You don't want to spray something funky on your yarn that you may wear, do you?
  6. cute cute cute! It fits you perfectly and the color is nice too!
  7. very beautiful! I love how knitted lace look but unfortunately I'm not that patient when it comes to knitting with small threads.
  8. shortylam

    Easy Tank

    wow, this is so beautiful! I love it!
  9. Wow, this is beautiful! I have some mohair yarn laying around the house so I think this is an appropriate project. I really love mohair yarn and it's hard to find patterns that are not scarves for this type of yarn.
  10. Thanks ladies for all the advice. I would probably make the daisy chain blanket because I like the "join as you go" idea. Once I made a blanket out of squares that had hundreds of ends to weave in. So anything that avoids weaving in loose ends is perfect! Do you have any other ideas beside blanket?
  11. that is so pretty! I'm glad I could help you somehow. I've heard Shine Sports is really nice but haven't had a chance to use it. Keep on pushing, you'll be there soon!
  12. Today I took a fancy look at my room and realized I have too many bits of scrap yarn that I don't know what to do with them. I hate to break open a skein of yarn knowing that there will be some left over. And I have this annoying habit of using everything I have, every single inch of yarn I'm telling you So now I have a mini bin of yarn that's filled with scrap. So please help me! That's how I feel right now, being buried in scrap yarn If you have any suggestions on how to finish my scrap, I would be very thankful. Most of them are worsted and bulky weight yarn. for reading and double thanks for giving me suggestion.
  13. keep it, keep it, keep it! Crochet mags are getting better and better everyday as they come with book reviews, tips and tricks as well as other useful information. I'd prefer to keep the whole magazine as a whole so that I can use as a reference in the future.
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