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  1. OneCraftySAHM


    I'm DomesticDarling on Ravelry!
  2. OneCraftySAHM

    Logo Pillow

    Wow, very cool! Great job!
  3. OneCraftySAHM

    "Cupcake" and Bracelet

    Cool bracelet and mushroom **wink, wink** Great job!
  4. OneCraftySAHM

    Dora, Sweater,Hat, and Embellished Jeans

    Seriously cute! Great job!
  5. OneCraftySAHM

    Tunic Pattern...

    Thanks Kay! I really like that 2nd pattern, I could easily extend that and it would be super cute! Thanks so much!
  6. OneCraftySAHM

    Tunic Pattern...

    Thanks Empress! That first one is super cute! I DID manage to find this one, don't ask me how, as it's technically called an apron but I LOVE it... http://www.crochetme.com/more-than-an-apron If anyone finds anything else please let me know! Thanks again Empress, I knew you'd come up with something, lol!
  7. OneCraftySAHM

    Tunic Pattern...

    I'm looking for a tunic pattern similar to this one that's knit... http://magknits.com/Oct06/patterns/susy.htm I can knit but not quite at this level yet...I want it to be long with similar small straps! Any ideas? I've tried googling it and CPC but came up empty! Anyone?
  8. OneCraftySAHM

    tetris blanket

    That looks wonderful! I LOVE tetris! My hubby and I would challenge each other to a game of tetris before we had kids, lol! Great game...great blanket!
  9. OneCraftySAHM

    dish cloth and spa cloth, never enough of them ;)

    Thanks for the links, the idea of the spa set sounds great! I'm actually doing a bunch of the dishcloths from knitting knonsense as gifts! I've done a few so far but with a newborn it's been tough getting back into the swing. How far in your pregnancy are you? I just delivered on the 1st!
  10. OneCraftySAHM

    Knitty's Calorimetry

    Ooooo that looks fabulous! I've also had this bookmarked forever! I love the look of this, so retro! You've just inspired me to give it a go! Great job, love the colors!
  11. OneCraftySAHM

    My cupcake pins

    Super cute! I love cupcakes, lol! Great job!
  12. OneCraftySAHM

    Cute Felted Purse/Tote

    Oooo thats adorable! Great job!
  13. OneCraftySAHM

    Necklaces made today 9/7

    So cute! This is something I've wanted to try as I LOVE me some jewelry, LOL! Great job, I love the gold one!
  14. OneCraftySAHM

    My new bag

    Excellent idea! I just tossed out a bunch of old purses, BUMMER! Love it, so pretty! Great job!
  15. OneCraftySAHM

    purse I made for a friend

    That's so pretty! Love it! Great job!